The Good News Journal, Volume VI: The Sun has Sean, Sunday Edition

Hello world and Happy Sunday!  I Will have so much Good news to share with You all over the next four and a half weeks.  I watched ‘V’ for Vendetta for probably the fifth time today with a friend I haven’t had a chance to spend time with for far too long.  I’m also still riding the euphoric wave of support I’ve been receiving from virtually everyone in My Universe.  I’m feeling very Blessed, and I hope You are, too.

Because so much of this Blog is about being the change One dreams to see in the world, I figure it is worth sharing what I am doing with My time now, how I am preparing for May 10th (V,X), and what kind of strategy I might be developing.  The whole point to everything I am doing is to demonstrate that anyone can and should do what I am doing.  My determination is to show the world how great it is to be in a country where the common law is protected, and the premise of the common law is that any common man should have the enjoyment of its protections without fear of intimidation by complicated court processes or ‘tough’ prosecuting attorney’s.  If You have done no harm or caused no man loss, You should feel confident that the truth of the events Will provide the Justice One deserves.

Eventually, I Will have the opportunity to Present My Case to a Judge and Jury where I Will make an opening statement for the ‘defence’.  I know My strengths, public speaking and Writing are pretty much top of the list.  There was a time I wanted to be an actor, that’s how much I Love to perform, so I Will enjoy having the opportunity to ‘introduce’ the true nature of My character to the court.  I’ve got an overwhelming amount of information to Present without having to lift another finger.  I could walk into court today and likely enjoy all the success I anticipate in May without having to Write another Word…  But I Will.  I’m just getting started.

Today I spent some time watching YouTube videos about how to make a positive impression on the court.  Thankfully, I’m pretty sure I utilized almost every strategy that was covered, even though it was only a first appearance, I had the opportunity to as King of the Justice lots of questions.  One of the most important characteristics of a successful presentation in court is confidence.  Confidence is first demonstrated before One even has a chance to speak, and I intuitively managed to do this by walking into the court room and making My Self comfortable with the other lawyers, Acting like I belonged where I was…  And knew I belonged there.  My confidence was challenged by the prosecutor, suggesting I should be on the other side of the bar and I defended My position (with confidence).  I also got into character by dressing for the Part.  Not a stuffy suit and tie like a lot of lawyers, but smart, casual, and Stylish – one of the staff here commented on My dress before I left and said I looked as though I was ready to ‘take on the world’… Exactly the look I was going for.

I also have a lot to share about My microcosm at the moment.  My Life is more exciting than ever, that ‘influence’ thing I was tall King about previously becomes more and more tangible as I get closer to My court date.  I’m working on a few strategies I am not going to comment on just yet for My own protection.  With My court date coming up, I Will only tell You that I feel more confident than ever, and I am thing King that My best strategy for the moment is to Keep a low profile until I have a more secure working environment.  That’s a clue. 😉

Well, it’s 11:14 a.m. on My Sunday morning and I would like to get this published before it’s too late in the day.  I hope You are all well, have a wonderful Sunday!

A Magical Trilogy Manifests

Love and Blessings,


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