The Good News Journal, Volume XVI: The Super Hot Sunday Canada Day Edition

Happy Super Hot Canada Day Sunday, everyone!  The current temperature is 36 degrees Celsius, though the humidex makes it feel more like 45.  Yeah, that’s pretty warm!  I don’t Mind it – in fact, I actually enjoy it.  I moved 7,800 lbs worth of bricks by Hand before 10:00 a.m. this morning and it was already 28 degrees and feeling like 34.  Yes, I was raising money to finance My political objectives on a ridiculously hot Sunday, but My efforts have already paid off.  I managed to accomplish all My immediate objectives a few days faster than I had anticipated.  I now have a short sleeved dress shirt with My Logo on the left breast pocket and a new pair of fancy Fluevog’s for Court on Thursday.

Court Shoes

Well, much as I love Vans [shoes], I would never have guessed that fancy Fluevog’s would feel so comfy!  It’s like wearing a pair of gloves on My feet!  I Imagine a few of My friends Will be surprised, as I am not typically one to fuss about things like fine clothes, much less spend three bills on a pair of shoes, but I figure it’s time to get into character and I do like to express My own unique Style.  And yes, I Will be rocking these with jeans, though they Will also be bearing My Logo by the time I get to Court.

The more excited I am about going to Court, the more things I have to be excited about.  Unfortunately, I can’t yet share My news, I can only tell You that I have some big news to share!  I Promise I Will have more exciting news to share with everyone after My presentation Thursday, so I appreciate Your Patience until then.  I also want My readers to know I am only withholding information because it is important to Keep My Courtroom strategies Secret for now – I’ve already said that if prosecution does not move to withdraw the charges I Will be as King to set up a date to fill out the Pre-Trial Conference ‘Form 17’ as soon as possible, and that is already more than enough for now.

Canada Day is also My nephew’s name day.  I don’t know My nieces and nephew’s, but I did as King to My Brother to let them know that their uncle is War King to make the world a better place for them to grow up in, and My Brother assured Me he would.  I believe that soon I Will have enough influence to make that happen.  For now, I want them to know that for Me, Canada Day is a day I remember and celebrate their Life.  Our children deserve a better world, and I am thing King most of Us know they do.

I have a lot of exciting things going on in My Life.  A few months ago I was tall King about how powerful a tool social media can be when I actually work at marketing My ‘Brand’, though I’ve barely had time to Write lately, never Mind micromanage My social media accounts.  However, I have been War King on finding a Way to get My Logo on clothing for a while and finally managed to get it done yesterday.  Soon, I Will have something bearing My Logo wherever I go and that’s kind of exciting for Me.  I am also War King on flyers and not for profit [business] cards and should have at least one of those two projects completed by the end of the week, perhaps Saturday.

The other thing that is kind of exciting for Me is that I have earned a tremendous amount of respect from My peers for My recent adventure in Court.  Apparently, having a bench warrant rescinded without a lawyer and without getting arrested is unheard of, so I’m something of a hero to My peers.  I should also probably point out that I don’t believe My Court date was changed, I genuinely believe the mistake was mine; some of My friends had suggested they switched the date without informing Me deliberately – I don’t believe they did.  I had really hoped that the Honourable Justice would allow Me to set the date for June 5th, but June 5th was not a ‘self-rep’ Court date, so the 14th was offered.  I did not Write it down right away, I remember thing King that it sounded perfect because it was still a ‘5’ [4+1, numerology] and I had Visualized My Court date being on a ‘5’.  Might sound unusual but My Mind is Visual, so when I got outside the Court and Writ the date, I Writ 15 instead of 14 and never gave the matter another thought.  And My next Court date is now July 5th – coincidence?..

So, I’m four sleeps away from My next big day and I Promise I Will have more exciting things to Write about and My Word is My Bond.

I hope You have all have a fabulous July 1st, Canada Day weekend!

(Not Canadian, just a Good song) 😉

Love and Blessings,






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