Good News Journal Volume XVII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition – The King’s Court of Record

Hello, and welcome to The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal.  Even when subject to some of the most challenging situations, I am determined to maintain a minimum of one Blog Post per week to Keep the Good News coming! 😉

As Promised, I have lots of exciting information to share about My adventures in Court and (once again), the only thing I had expected is that nothing would go as expected and I am pleased to report I was not disappointed.  I have no Idea how prosecution hopes to achieve a conviction, especially after today’s events.  However, before I recount today’s events, I Wish to thank the most Honourable Justice, Perkins Mc-Vey for following Me on Twitter – I am truly Honoured, thank You!

Truly An Honour, Your Honour!

I can’t say exactly when Her Honour began following Me on Twitter, I only know that I noticed on the full moon.  Whenever I have a chance to get online, one of the priorities is to maintain My social media accounts and one of those tiny little tasks is following back all of My new followers – seems like Common courtesy.  It is also important for those who may not be familiar with social media and Twitter to note that a person can view My Twitter page without having to follow Me.  It also demonstrates once and for all that My influence in the macrocosm is real and tangible in the physical Universe, what I Commonly refer to as My microcosm.  Furthermore, I was unable to report that the Honourable Justice, Perkins-McVey was following Me on Twitter in My last Post, as it would have been a conflict of interest if Her Honour were still assigned to My Case and grounds for mistrial.  However, the Honourable Justice Perkins McVey was not in Court today, once again, a new Justice had been assigned to today’s proceedings, though there was no shortage of grounds for mistrial…  And so begins My Story of today’s events.

As per usual, I arrived at the courthouse early.  I had a feeling My Court matter might not be until 10:00 and I wanted to check the docket outside the courtroom before 9:00, just to make sure there were no more mistakes about the date.  When speaking of My last appearance in Court, I had mentioned that the docket had not been outside the courtroom when I entered at roughly 8:50 a.m., but today the dockets were clearly posted outside their respective court by 8:30, maybe sooner.  So today started off considerably better than My last experience in Court as I found My Case scheduled for 10:00 a.m.  I even had time to grab one last coffee before returning to Court to watch the proceedings, anticipating that the Honourable Justice Perkins-McVey would be pleased to see Me in Court early, eager to learn from the proceedings.

I was the first man to enter the Court with the exception of those who work there.  As soon as I entered, I was surprised and caught off guard by the clerk, “Sorry, there are no drinks allowed Court,” making reference to the coffee in My Hand.

I had no Idea what to say or what I might do if I wasn’t allowed to bring My coffee into the Court.  The rest of the People working for the Court have their mugs, why not Me?  I think My body language must have communicated My bewilderment and he followed up only a few seconds later with, “Oh, is that a travel mug?”


“Oh, travel mugs are allowed in Court, You’re okay!”, he retracted, cheerfully.

A wave of relief washed over Me.  I was thing King I would have to actually leave Court and abandon My travel mug somewhere which would really have ruined My Good start for the day. The surprise, on the other Hand, was a prelude to Thursday’s Theme.

Moments later, everyone rose as the Justice entered the Court for My second surprise of the day – the introduction of a new Justice.  I mentioned previously that it seems very unusual to Me that there is no continuity between Court dates.  The prosecution/prosecutor has changed for every court date so far, and the Justice has changed for every Court date so far.  I also didn’t enjoy watching the new Justice do His thing as much as I had enjoyed watching the Honourable Perkins-McVey, though the more Cases I watched, the more he grew on Me.  Although perhaps not as entertaining, I felt the new Justice was equally fair and very compassionate, which always makes Me happy to see and fills Me with Promise.  I really like believing that Our Court Judges and Justices are there to do Good.

really enjoyed My Time in Court today and it was a long day!  Even the Court staff were making jokes about how far behind schedule We were, yet it didn’t bother Me in the least – I could hardly believe how fast the time seemed to be passing.  Finally, just before lunch, the same clerk whom had suggested I couldn’t bring My coffee into the Court, caught My eye and exclaimed to the Justice, “Your Honour, the gentleman in the back right of the Court has been patiently waiting all day.  He was literally the first man to show up this morning, I think We should address his matter before the break.”

I laughed and told the Court that I was very patient and actually enjoy watching the proceedings, but was also very thankful the clerk had made note of My patience as it is something I am consistently working on.  Prosecution called My name and the antics began almost immediately, “Mr. von Dehn, if You could step forward for the Crown.”

“Um, actually, it’s King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.”

Prosecution proceeds as if I’ve said nothing at all and the Justice then addresses Me, “Mr. von Dehn?”

“Again, no.  King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, however unusual it may sound.”

A small chuckle from a man in the gallery, but with a smile of approval.  And I’m past caring what People think anyway, I’m waiting for prosecution to provide evidence to suggest I am not King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God – and without presuming to have the right and authority to subject Me to a jurisdiction of law where My Common Law rights are not protected against My Will, I still have no clue how prosecution intends to do that…  But I guess I’m going to find out, though perhaps not as soon as I would have liked.

After correcting the Justice, the Justice as King of Me if I was ready to proceed and I very quickly explained that I was confused. “I really don’t understand why there is no continuity in this Case and why I find My Self in front of a new Justice and a new prosecutor every time I come to Court.  Justice Perkins Mc-Vey as King of Me very specifically to provide proof of residency at the Salvation Army and perhaps a letter speaking of My character, and said that if I were to produce such letters that perhaps Crown would move to withdraw the charges.”

Prosecution quickly challenges My Claim, suggesting no such offer was made.

Once again I protested, “Your Honour, I am not sure if it is possible for Me to request a copy of the minutes from My last Court presentation with Justice Perkins Mc-Vey, but I am quite sure that is what Her Honour had said.”

The Justice asks the Crown to review any notes on the file from My previous appointments in Court.  “It does say here that he was asked to bring a letter proving residency but nothing about a character reference, Your Honour.  It also says nothing about the Crown moving to withdraw charges on those conditions, the Crown’s position would have been the same as it is today.”

Justice then asks Me if I know what the Crown is offering Me.  I said I knew they were offering Me diversion, but the Justice advises Me there is a new offer on the table and proceeds to explain, “the Crown is as King of You to Sign a Peace Bond.  Very simple, go upstairs, meet with a Justice of the Peace, Sign an agreement to Keep the Peace for a period of One year and refrain from contacting or being in the presence of [confidential for now/two individuals] except with their revocable consent.  Upon the completion of the Peace Bond, prosecution Will withdraw the charges, no criminal record, no additional conditions.  Sounds like a pretty Good deal, doesn’t it?”

“It is a Great deal!”, prosecution exclaims enthusiastically, “It’s not going to get any better than that, this is not just going to ‘go away’.  I does sound like a pretty Good deal, right?”

Seriously, I was once amazing at sales and this felt like a sales pitch.  In fact, the prosecution almost seemed desperate, emphatic, almost like she was begging Me to take the deal.

I turn to the People of the Court, those few stragglers whose matters had not yet been dealt with, “It does sound like a Great deal, doesn’t it!?”

Once again, prosecution clenches her fists like she’s cheering on a champion, “It really doesn’t get any better!”

Still addressing the People of the Court, seated in the benches, “It sounds like a Great deal, but let Me as King of You this”, turning back to prosecution and the Justice, “if I Sign this Peace Bond, Keep the Peace for a year and the charges are then withdrawn, can I still sue the Ottawa Police Service for unlawful arrest and trespass upon My Common Law rights?”

“Uh, no, probably not.

Probably not?  That’s what the Justice said, probably not.  What they don’t tell You, is that doing so is consenting to their authority and jurisdiction, an admission of having done wrong, essentially ‘justifying’ the arrest.

Once again, turning to the People of the Court, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought”, then, back to the Justice, “so no, no deal!”

“Okay, so We’re going to go to trial.  We’ll set up a date for Trial after the break.”

“Before We break, I would like to know is this the Judicial Pre-Trial today?”

“Yes, this is Judicial Pre-Trial.”

“Again, Your Honour, I had said very clearly the last time I was before a Justice that I did not think Crown was ready for Judicial Pre-Trial, and am certainly not ready for Judicial Pre-Trial.  I was advised by the last Justice that if I wasn’t ready for Judicial Pre-Trial I could reschedule and discuss that today.”

“You can discuss that today but We’re not going to reschedule, Crown is ready to proceed and We are doing the JPT today, We Will set up the trial date after the lunch break.”

I didn’t really know what else to say at that point.   I don’t want to challenge the Justice, but I also don’t believe I’m receiving equal protection of the law and the judicial process.  However, I figured My compliant could wait until after lunch, and I was beginning to feel I could use a break to regroup.

[to be continued…  (tomorrow, God Willing)]

Love and Blessings,











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