The Good News Journal, Volume XXXII: The Auspiciously Lucky Wednesday Edition – A Inter View into My Microcosm

Well, it proved to be an especially auspicious Lucky Wednesday.  When People tell Me I am Lucky, I say to them that I make My Luck.  Let’s look at all the Ways this Wednesday might be perceived as Lucky by Me.  Today is the one year anniversary of Gordon Downie’s death.  I actually Writ a Letter as King that Gord Downie be Given the Highest Honour before his death and [although I never received a reply] two months later, learned that Gord Downie had been appointed to the Order of Canada.  Probably just a coincidence. 😉  Today is also the day Cannabis becomes legal in Canada’s Commercial Admiralty fiction of law, which is a Great reason to celebrate for many Canadian People and a wonderful Way to commemorate the death of such a magnificent man, I am thing King he would be very pleased in Deed.  It also happened to be a Great day for Me, as I was Given the Gift of opportunity and offered an Inter View… About what life is like at the Salvation Army!!!

Truth be told, I had no Idea what the interview was about when I agreed to do one, but I certainly wasn’t going to back out after discovering what We would be tall King about (though if I had known it would be both an audio and video interview and had more time to prepare, I would have at least shaved!!!). Oh well.  I was interviewed by Jane Scharf, a licensed paralegal [which immediately got My attention] with a strong presence on Facebook (over 4,200 followers) and today she was interested in what I had to say about what life is like for a man subject to the Salvation Army for shelter.  I did Give Jane a disclaimer, warning her she might not like what I have to say.  Jane assured Me she is interested in hearing everything I have to say and encouraged Me not to hold back.  So I didn’t.

I did the interview only eight hours ago and the video has already had more than 900 Views and Will be well over 1000 by midnight.  To Me, that’s pretty impressive!  I had no Idea it would get so much attention.  [In the interview] I very quickly summarize everything I’ve done with respect to complaining to management and public relations officers of the Salvation Army about the indignant conditions clients are subject to, and what Jason has claimed his excuses are for the conditions that persist.  Jane did a Great job of guiding the interview and the final result was every bit as Good as I had hoped, at least with respect to the content.  It was a shame that I didn’t have a chance to prepare for the occasion, though the world knows I don’t believe in coincidences and the Truth is My appearance likely just makes the video that much more authentic and genuine.

I managed to talk about all of the major issues I wanted to talk about, including Jason Prevost’s lack of concern for any of the conditions and his attitude toward clients who Voice their complaints.  I did some name dropping, primarily Jason Prevost (manager), Caroline Hards (Social Services worker at the Salvation Army), and Caroline Franks, the public relations officer who doesn’t seem to think that complaints from clients are worth dignifying with a reply.  I talked about the stabbing incident where clients were subject to watching a man leave the shelter on a gurney after a stabbing, the green handle of the knife protruding from his back – all because he allegedly ‘made too much noise getting stuff out of his locker’.  I think it is more than time the People of Canada and the world learn just how deplorable the living conditions are in Canada’s shelters, and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to do this interview.  Although I didn’t manage to get this Post published before the end of ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, it did make for an unusually auspicious ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.

Well, that’s all for now, although it may be worth mentioning that there is one other auspicious happening in My Universe – My Twitter followers are ‘falling’.  I have lost over 500 followers since the 21st of September, and it started on exactly the 21st of September.  I had approximately 5,290 followers, now I have 4,727 followers (as of a few minutes ago).  I have said before that the Universe communicates with Me in unusual ways and I perceive all things as the Voice of the Universe.  What the Universe is trying to tell Me right now is a little tricky to decipher, though I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the count began to fall on the first day of Fall.  However, if the recent events in My Life have the effect I anticipate in My microcosm, My influence on social media becomes less relevant as My microcosm overlaps the Macrocosm.  Also, My e-mail messages from third party analytics of My Twitter stats still show I am gaining hundreds of followers every week, though the ‘followers’ tab in “” (third party Twitter stats) shows I have gained and/or lost no followers at all, the information is completely blacked out.

Well, that’s all My Good News for today, have a fabulous Thursday and remember that We make Our luck – no reason today can’t be every bit as Lucky as Wednesday!!!

Love and Blessings,

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