The Good News Journal, Volume XXXV: The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition – Writing a Letter of Complaint

Happy Sunday, everyone!!!  You know, I had one of the strangest experiences the other day.  I was Writing in My Journal.  The funny thing is, I don’t really use My Journal the Way I used My Journal before.  And I’m not really sure what I mean by ‘before’, I’m not sure when I started Writing differently.  Now, I Write what I am manifesting in My life and it feels very natural.  Before, I would be as King of the Universe for the things I felt I needed, usually answers to specific questions (Quest-Ions).  Everything I as King of the Universe for was always Given Me.  That realization (real eyes, eh, Sean?) came to Me when I awakened Spiritually; and that’s what started this Blog.

It suddenly felt selfish for Me to Keep this Creative Power to My Self.  I started telling everyone to Write down their dreams on a Piece of Paper and just put it in a box somewhere and forget about it…  Then watch it happen.  This essentially became My new Journal.  And it just donned on Me today that now it’s Called The Good News Journal.  I didn’t really do that on purpose, I just thought it sounded cool…  And maybe a little more newspaper like.  My Blog is what My Journal was, what I Write Magically Manifests.

I was Writing in My other Journal the other day, My ‘personal’ Journal, and I felt a little guilty.  True story.  I felt like I should be tall King to You, whoever You are.  I actually miss this anonymous audience.  I Love this anonymous audience!!!  Why waste My time Writing Words that Will never reach another Mind?  It felt like wasted energy.

Once again, a bit of a rant but I’m going to have more time to Write and I’m looking forward to it.  The Good News this Sunday is that I am doing another interview today and I’ll be sharing My Letter of Complaint.  My first two video interviews got over a thousand views in the first twenty-four hours – My Word travels fast.  So for that reason and that reason alone, I’m not sharing the Letter of Complaint here just yet, though I am hoping to Post it sometime Sunday evening.

I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now that Will really speed things up in My microcosm.  I’ve been Given administrative rights over a Facebook page with an established audience but I’m also considering Creating a new Facebook Page.  ‘vondehnvisuals’ is the unregistered non-profit name I Gave My Self and used on Facebook as My main profile until I got locked out and told I had to use My real name.  Now I’m thing King about setting up a Page Called vondehnvisuals, mostly because Facebook doesn’t let You auto publish WordPress Posts to One’s profile anymore.  My new Friend wants Me to add the video interviews I’m doing to a Facebook Page that also Publishes My WordPress Posts.

The video interview series Will essentially be about the complaint I’m filing with the city of Ottawa and the Idea is to incorporate My teaching of the Common Law into the whole project, filing the complaint in My sovereign capacity and allowing others to file their complaints through Me anonymously.  It’s also a more difficult project than it might sound.  I have a ton of Writing to do and even more reading.  The work is enjoyable enough once I get into it, the difficult Part is organizing all the information.  There is almost too much information, if that’s possible.  They violate so many conditions of one of the agreements, it’s hard to know where to start and what exactly to make the complaint about.  I could complain about a hundred different things, but it has to be summarized into One complaint.

The best Part is, The Good News Journal Will have some serious News to report soon!  I leave for My interview within the next hour so I Will Sign off for now and Post My Letter later this evening.

I hope everyone has a Sensational Sunday!!!

Love and Blessings,

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