Volume LXXXVI: The Sensei-Sean All Sunday Re-View; The Holy Man Comes in Peace

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean All Sunday Re-View.  As I sent another Letter to Christopher Tuck, manager of Ontario Works, the private corporation contracted by the government of Ontario to administrate the Trust last Monday, I decided I would provide an update as part of My Sunday Re-View.

The unfortunate side effect of knowing and comprehending Man’s matrix, is that most who receive My Letters do not comprehend these Matters, the legal consequences are very serious, and ignorance of the Law is no excuse for breaking it.  Translation – My Letters tend to intimidate when all I am really Wishing for is resolution and remedy.  So today I decided I would try a different approach and Writ one more Letter in hopes of starting Chris’s week off on a more positive Note, in Harmony with the Universe (One Song) We all Sing.

This is the email I sent to Christopher Tuck today:

Subject:  War King Together

Hi Christopher,

When I mentioned in My last email that ‘tone’ doesn’t translate well in emails, it was no small understatement.  I have learnt that despite My Good intentions, Letters I Write with the intent of resolving the Issues outlined in My emails tend to scare the shit out of People, much to My disappointment.  One thing few People in My Life have ever disputed, is My ability to articulate My Self in Writing.  I Wish for You to have a Marvelous Monday morning, so today I’m trying a different approach.

I do everything I possibly can to review a situation as objectively as possible and see both sides of an equation.  I don’t presume for one moment that You would ever Wish to interfere with My determination to accomplish that which I Wish to achieve.  That leads Me to believe that the only reason You haven’t assisted Me with that which I Wish to achieve, is because You don’t know how.  I understand that.  I don’t believe You Wish to be war King (working) against Me anymore than I Wish to be war King against You.  You are not My enemy, and I am not Yours; I do not ever Wish for You to perceive Me that Way.

So, I am proposing We arrange to meet as I suggested.  Realistically speaking, if We don’t agree to meet to discuss these Matters like grown Men, I Will have no recourse but to file another complaint with the city of Ottawa.  If the city of Ottawa doesn’t know how to address these Issues, then I Will compelled to file another application to the Divisional Court for Judicial Review.  Needless to say, I don’t believe that is the desired outcome for anyone.

I’m suggesting We meet in a neutral location (I like Starbucks) to sit down and have a casual coffee.  I do know what needs to be done to dissolve the Trust, and I believe that if Given the opportunity to explain this to You, You Will be able to assist Me in resolving these Issue by connecting Me with the appropriate individuals.  I Will also be able to Show You how I Will be administrating the wealth of My Kingdom to ensure I My basic needs (healthcare etc.) are met until these Matters are officially resolved.  I Wish to empower You to assist Me, and I am hoping You Will allow Me to do this.

I also believe that if You have the opportunity to meet with Me in a more casual setting You Will also develop a better sense of My Character.  I do look forward to meeting with You, and I do hope and Trust You Will have a wonderful week.

Love and Blessings,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God

I’m hoping that My new approach and Letter Will be a little more well received because I honestly believe in My Heart that Chris Tuck is a Good Man.  He has no intention to harm Me or stand in the Way of what I Wish to accomplish, he just happens to be in the unfortunate position of managing a corporation responsible for the administration of the Trust set up by ‘government’ at the time of My delivery by My Mother at the hospital.  Hopefully, Christopher and I can arrange to sit down and have a productive meeting of the Minds.

1st Corinthians 2:15: But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. The Spiritual Man is able to judge and properly discern the Word for himself and in others. Judge: to judge of, estimate, determine (the excellence or defects of any person or thing).

The ‘Holy’ Man is the whole ‘E’ Man, a whole ‘E’ Trinity, a United State of Mind, Body and Soul.  My Soul Purpose is not going to change, so My intent is to make Peace with those who are able to assist Me in accomplishing My Goals.

I hope You have all had a Wonder Full weekend, I have to get this Posted quickly if I Wish to Publish before the end of this Son Day, so I must Sign off.

Love and Blessings,


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