Volume CVII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlock’s ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; War King on the Keep

Good evening every One, welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.  We are experiencing a very unusual time at the moment, and I Hope and Trust each of You are making (may-King) the most of the extra time on Your Hands.  The Hand of the King has all the Power and authority of the King, do Good Deeds with them. 😉

You Will not hear Me tall King much about ‘the virus’ here.  I’ve all but boycott virtually all social media with the exception of logging into Word Press to Write.  It seems to be the only thing any One is tall King about and I Wish to offer something a little more Positive here.  We Will get through this, that much I can tell You, and that much I am thing King We all know.  I generally don’t accept the Buddhist philosophy of ‘what is, is’ because it implies a lack of responsibility as a Spiritualist.  Yes, We must remain Present (Pre-Sent) in the moment, what they like to call ‘the Now’, but in that Now We are Manifesting Our tomorrow.  Man-I-Fest.  Man-I-Celebrate.  Be Happy, be Hopeful, enjoy (which literally means to envelope One’s Self in Joy) Life.  Let this be a reminder to appreciate every single second We have.


Gigi (who is more often Called ‘Pumpkin’, or ‘Little Lady’) is quite the companion.  She is genuinely interested in everything I do.  She Will watch Me paint, cook, clean…  She got a little freaked out while I was raking leaves, kind of similar to the reaction One would expect from a cat in the presence of a vacuum, but other than that, she is very Happy to just ‘watch’ Me do things with mild amusement and she pretty much follows Me around wherever I go.  She has learnt the boundaries of the patio/backyard area (yes, the melted snow revealed an actual yard [the kind with earth]) and We compromised on ‘territory’ inside the House.  She doesn’t sit on top of the cabinets anymore because she knows I don’t like it when she comes down.  She has found a new place in My bedroom window where she can watch People walk by in the morning from the other side of My curtain.  She gets half the window sill in the kitchen and none of the window sill in the living room (those Will be filled with plants).  She pretty much ‘owns’ My bedroom window as she’s too reckless to trust placing anything up there while she makes her Way behind the curtain.  Otherwise, she leaves all the stuff I don’t Wish for her to touch completely alone.  She doesn’t touch My paintings, plants or go anywhere I don’t Wish for her to go and I really haven’t done much to train her except “No!’, which she clearly understands.  She hasn’t even tried to scratch anything, which really baffles Me.  I didn’t even think of it until she was on the patio and scratched the post in the picture (which has clearly been a scratching post for other cats that have lived here, too).  If One does struggle with time alone, I sincerely recommend a pet, they make great companions.  Obviously, I’m partial to cats but I’ve had experience with them and ‘know’ how they behave much better than dogs, and I’ve never really had a place big enough to justify having a dog.  I don’t really ‘prefer’ one over the other, any companion could be great.

I also do silly things like this because I Truly hate wasting stuff.  I loathe the disposable culture (or at least that aspect of it) and even when I went to get the few grocery items I have left to pick up, I was not allowed to use My own bags, I was compelled to use plastic bags provided for free.  Health Canada thing, apparently.  I mean, really, I just laugh it off but so much needless waste everywhere, it really is embarrassing for all of Us as a species.  So I do stuff like this:


An empty dish washing liquid container with the bottom cut out (utility knife).  It’s lined at the bottom with coconut husk fiber, a layer of earth from My ‘yard’, another layer of coconut husk and a final bed (top) of potting soil.  It now contains one of the left over Pepper plants.  There are also two holes punched in the top so that I can hang it on a line outside and make a collection of these.  I plan to do this with sweet peas so they provide a natural ‘curtain’ for My patio area.  It’s basically going to be watered hydroponically, the water Will just run through and out the spout at the bottom.  Plants are Magical and one of the traits they share with fish, is that they Will adapt to the size of their container, so it Will be interesting to see how well this Pepper grows compared to those in soil.

I also got a lot of regular ‘chores’ done, but it’s Wonderful to get them done and to have the time to do them.  So grocery shopping, laundry and some serious gourmet ‘dessert’ cooking, cleaning and yard work also got done today.  I spent a couple hours toiling over some cinnamon rice pudding, and it was worth every ounce of Effort!!!

I’ve also been fine tuning My ‘Wish List’ and daily routine/goals.  When I suggested trying to use this time We have to appreciate every moment, I do sincerely mean it.  I spent very little time Writing about just how challenging the last two and a half years of My Life have actually been.  Just to Give You an Idea, when I was folding My laundry today, I ‘instinctively’ began placing it neatly back into My duffel bag – that’s how long it’s been since I’ve had somewhere to hang and put away My clothes.  I have not been able to walk from My bedroom to the bathroom naked in almost three years!  Might sound funny, but it is one of those things You can quickly take for granted.  So for Me, it is very difficult to be fearful and afraid, to not enjoy every single second of every day.  I have not been happier in Life, and it is bitter sweet that the world is not as easily able to share My Lust for Life at the moment, though I Hope and Trust You Will.

Okay, I’m going to Sign off for today, reward My Self with a serving of cinnamon raisin rice pudding!

Love and Blessings,



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