Volume CX: The Terrific Tuesday Edition; Who’s WHO?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  Today, who’s WHO Will be as King who is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director and front man for the World Health Organization.

Now, before I begin, the relevance here is that world leaders from virtually every country are turning to Tedros and the WHO for direction with respect to handling the Covid-19 pandemic.  Most of Us don’t really ask too many Quest-Ions with respect to organization like the WHO because most of Us Wish to believe that individuals in an organization developed to monitor global health issues would have nothing less than Good intentions.  But choosing someone like Tedros as the front man for such an important organization is something to be concerned about if One knows Tedros political history.

I also don’t like to present controversial information without presenting reliable sources to validate My concerns.  Here is just one statement that should Give some reason for concern.

“one of the most powerful officials in Ethiopia’s authoritarian government was Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus” – Globe and Mail

Hmmm, authoritarian government?  That doesn’t sound very Good, does it?  Well, he’s also responsible for downplaying a cholera outbreak in the country because he thought it might reflect badly on Ethiopia’s reputation.  That doesn’t sound very responsible, does it?  In the article, Jeffrey Smith describes Tedros as,

“the product of a deeply authoritarian regime.” – Jeffrey Smith, Director of Vanguard Africa

Tedros seems to have an affection for dictatorships, awarding the ‘Goodwill ambassador award’ to Robert Mugabe, a Zimbabwean dictator.

Now, if You take the time to read the article, You Will notice that after presenting the alarming concerns regarding Tedros’ character, there remains a strong endorsement for the World Health Organization, claiming that “lives are saved because of the work they do”, and closing the piece with, “the organization is critical to Our survival”.

Well, I disagree.  I disagree primarily because Our survival as a species is not threatened.  Even if We were to continue raping Our planet of natural resources promoting the ideology of scarcity in the name of capitalist profits, Man as a species is not threatened with extinction.  Our numbers may drastically decrease, I Will not contest that argument, but Our survival as a species is not in Quest-Ion.  Frankly, I believe the statement reflects a collective ‘fear’ that We may actually extinguish Our selves, which might not be such a bad thing to be weary of.  If We Wish to continue to ‘go forth and multiply’, We Will need to begin treating Mother Nature with a little more respect.

My concern here, is the character of the Man leading the World Health Organization.  Clearly, he has little or no appreciation for democracy and transparency of government, something ‘free and democratic’ People tend to cherish as a hallmark defining [Good] democratic practices.

The other concern I have is something very few People seem to consider.  The World Health Organization is an independent organization dependent on donations and funding from wealthy philanthropists.  With Donald Trump recently stating he Will not endorse the WHO’s global immunization agenda regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and has revoked further financial support for the organization, donations have been pouring in to Keep the organization going.  The U.S. provided the largest economic contributions funding the WHO, second only to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who account for 15% of the total wealth donated to the organization.  The reason this concerns Me is because virtually all countries in the world are taking direction from this organization and consider it ‘trustworthy’.  But can We really trust an organization not accountable to the world’s People or any of the world’s government?  I’m not sure, but they certainly don’t have any legitimate ‘authority’ to mandate anything internationally or otherwise, though world leaders seem to be taking advice and direction with little or no consideration with respect to how their People may feel about it.  In fact, We are told to Trust an organization accountable to no One.

It also brings another Issue to light; the Issue of national sovereignty.  Once again, I Will provide the definition of a ‘Sovereign state’.

Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme legitimate authority over some polity. In international law, sovereignty is the exercise of power by a state. Wikipedia

So, to be taking directives from a foreign body not accountable to the People as though it is being ‘mandated’ is rather dubious.  Keep in Mind, the WHO has tremendous global influence and is funded entirely by private interests.  Generally, We do not like oligarchs and billionaires because the People they step on to amass their wealth seem to be their last concern.  I also find it somewhat alarming that We are being told that the lockdown should continue until a vaccine is developed while the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are raising money for their organization in hopes of ‘immunizing the world’.  No offence to Bill Gates, but I don’t Trust him at all – he’s a business man, not a scientist, and he has a motive to sell his product.  Again, considering he is also the number one investor in the World Health Organization, it seems to Me a strong conflict of interest.

The reason I am Writing this Post is in the hope that if Your county’s leader is telling You that We must do this or that because the WHO says so, I would Quest-Ion why.  They have no authority to dictate what countries should do but are using fear tactics to sell their Ideologies, suggesting if We don’t follow their directive, humanity may be at risk of extinction.  I Will tell You this right now; if no shutdown had ever taken place and We were to let this virus run its course without any intervention or vaccine, the world population would not be decimated.  Even if a few million were to die across the globe, maybe that’s just Mother Nature trying to Keep Our numbers in check.  Also Keep in Mind that Bill Gates believes the world’s population should be drastically reduced.  I believe the ‘Ideal’ number he quoted was one billion.  We are almost eight billion now.  If the virus ran its course, worst case scenario would see millions of People die from the outbreak.  Bill Gates would like to see that number as high as seven billion!!!  You still Wish to take the vaccine he Will develop?

Quest-Ion the validity of the direction One is being Given by their national authorities and be vigilante in defending Man’s God Given rights.

“Your rights are My responsibility.”

Love and Blessings,



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