Volume CX: The Free Lance Friday Edition; The Canadian Government Has an Obligate Sean to Full Fill

Hello every One, and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I Will continue with ‘The Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law’ tomorrow for the ‘Simple Saturday Solutions’ Edition, though today’s Post is related.  It is 5:33 post midi in this now, and I have still not received a reply from Anne Charette, team lead for the Ministry of Community and Social Services ‘Ontario Works’ organization.  I am not sure if Anne is demonstrating incompetence, belligerence, or if perhaps she is war King hard to remedy the Matter at Hand.  Only time Will tell.

Soon, I Will begin to provide the legal and lawful Foundation of Anne Charette’s obligations to Me.  For now, I feel this is an important Matter to discuss because many Canadians are receiving additional ‘benefits’ in the Way of stimulus incentives the government has been obligated to provide for its People.

Let’s face it, the government does not Give handouts for nothing.  The government doesn’t spend any money on its People because it’s feeling generous.  This was an obligation.  Here’s what most People don’t understand about government obligations.

When the government ‘forces’ People out of work by ordering a shutdown of business, any business following the directive can sue the government for lost revenue.  I know this for a fact because I worked as a baker back in the day for TDL limited (Tim Donut Limited, commonly known as ‘Tim Horton’s’).  The city had to shut down a road for construction which was one of two driveway entrances to the establishment.  I was actually doing management for the owners at the time, and was responsible for sending off the daily sales reports to head office.  I mentioned to the owner how much the construction had impacted Our revenue, he smiled and said, “That’s okay.  Find out how much We made for this week last year and calculate the difference.  We Will send it off to the city and they are obliged to compensate Us for the loss.”

Sure enough, they did, without any hassle whatsoever.  Big business know these little ‘tricks’ that many mom and pop businesses won’t.  Does One believe it would be any different for the individual?  You are an incorporated person, after all, a registered business.  If You suffer financial loss as a result of a shutdown the government is responsible, they are liable for Your losses and You can be as King of them for compensation.

However, the government is pro-active in situations like this.  You see, We don’t have courts of Justice, We have only courts of equity.  Everything is business.  The government has an obligation to fulfill if they hurt Your business (You).  Here’s the catch.  Courts of equity allow the government to satisfy an obligation in lieu of fulfilling the obligation.  If the individual accepts the benefit in lieu of fulfilling their obligation, the obligation is deemed to have been ‘satisfied’ as far as any court of equity is concerned, because an individual cannot receive two benefits from One obligation.  Tricky, no?

So everyone who accepts and files for the government stimulus package is Willfully consenting to have the government’s obligation satisfied rather than fulfilled, and can no longer expect to win any compensation for the harm done to them by the shutdown.  Those who refuse to accept the benefit insisting they Wish to see the government fulfill their obligation, Will have to wait until the Courts re-open to file their claim.  And sadly, most won’t know how to do that or have the financial resources to hire a lawyer.  They may also lose their home and livelihood waiting for the opportunity to be compensated, so most Will just accept the benefit.  See how knowledge is Power?  So what should One do?

One should accept the benefit ‘under duress’ (for threat of further harm and loss) and articulate that it does not satisfy the government’s obligation for the financial loss and harm they have caused the individual.  Then, the individual can accept the benefit, file a claim compelling the government to fulfill their obligation and Will receive the difference between the satisfaction of the obligation and its fulfillment.

I’m reasonably well versed in this because this is exactly what the government has been doing to Me for the last two and a half years and change.  I clearly advised the government that I am the coin of My realm and that I Wish to repay all debt borrowed from central banks in My name.  They have failed to Honour their obligation and instead are compelling Me to accept social welfare ‘under duress’ for threat of further loss and harm.  A basic income is certainly better than no income at all, but the obligation is to provide a Living wage necessary for health, well being and the full development of My character.  When I continue with My post on ‘The Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law’, I Will Show You all where these obligations to Canada’s People can be found, and One can decide if they prefer to have the government satisfy their obligations or fulfill those obligations.

Anne Charette has an obligate Sean to fulfill, not satisfy, and I have made that very clear in My Letters.  The longer Anne takes to respond, the more Willful the intent to cause harm by Way of intentional trespass upon My right to self determination appears to be, or the more obvious her incompetence becomes apparent.

That’s all for today, folks.  It is never too late to send a Letter to Your government officials and advise them that You are only accepting their stimulus benefit during this shut down under duress for threat of further harm to hold the government accountable to fulfilling its obligations.

I hope this fabulous Friday finds You all well.

Love and Blessings,

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