Volume CX: The Super Natural Sun Day Re View; 2020 – A Week in Focus

Hello every One and thank King You for being here.  Sun Day has been True to its name here in Canada’s capitol city of Ottawa, I hope it has been just as beautiful where You are.  It has been an eventful week, so today I Will be reviewing some of the events of the last week and tall King about some of the things I Will Focus on in the week to come.

I could have spent the entire day sitting on My patio enjoying the warmth of the Sun; I almost did and would have if a few essential errands hadn’t needed tending to first.  But it was just as glorious a day for taking care of business.  I swear the air smells cleaner now that there is less traffic on the roads.  The following photograph was taken yesterday as I was walking home through Confederation Park.  A Sign is posted at the entrance to advise the park is closed and is only available as a through-Way for pedestrians.


Seriously, is this not just a little ridiculous?  Would there be any harm in Me sitting down on one of these benches to enjoy some Sun shine on a day like today?  This would be a beautiful place to relax and People watch – or birds, squirrels, chipmunks, there’s all kinds of active urban wildlife to see, too.  And if People really are worried about the virus is it not reasonable that One could still visit a park and remain a perfectly ‘safe’ distance away from others?  That’s really My point and why I think this whole Coronavirus thing has been blown Way out of proportion, which has also been the theme of the week, really.

In this past week’s Thursday Think King Edition, I was tall King about the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law and why it is so important to Our Present (pre-Sent, like a Gift) now.  What is Writ there so far is really just a Foundation for the rest of its relevance to both My Story, ‘The Last Chapter’, and Man’s Macrocosm, so I Will conclude with Part II shortly, perhaps even for the Magical Monday Edition.  I also followed up with Anne Charette and am expecting a reply early this coming week.

I stated some of My concerns regarding the lockdown and its effect on the health and well being of Canada’s People if it continues any longer than necessary, and soon found that many others including reporters from main stream media sources feel the same Way.  I posted a couple of those videos last week, one from Fox News in the U.S., and one from the Sun newspaper (YouTube channel).

I have also been as King People to think critically about world leaders taking direction from WHO, pointing out that their director has extensive experience with totalitarian type governments in South Africa and is an independent, non-government organization (NGO).  We should be wary of ‘leaders’ taking direction from any foreign entity before the consideration of the People, perhaps especially when the private, non government, foreign entity is suggesting it’s in the best interest of the People’s health and safety.  Once again, main stream media provided Me with support as Andrew Sheer addressed Trudeau on exactly this Issue in Canada’s House of Commons which was covered by Lilley on the Sun’s YouTube channel.

We also had Elon Musk announce that he Will be selling ‘almost all’ of his possessions and Will own no house!  I personally find that to be a very encouraging development of consciousness, especially considering it is coming from the mouth of one of the world’s ‘wealthiest’ People (for those who perceive money to be of Value).  Musk has a tremendous amount of social influence so I am curious and cautiously optimistic about the implications of his example.

Above all, I’ve been encouraging You to Keep positive and Keep fit.  I introduced an example of My own fitness regiment yesterday and look forward to getting back to it today.  I had mentioned that I put it off for the first month after moving in because I have been too busy enjoying My new ‘Keep’.  However, despite the fact that I was sore almost immediately after Posting on My Blog last night, I now Wish that I had not made excuses to wait a month to start.  I already feel so much better.  There’s the psychological benefit of knowing You did something that’s Good for You, but there is also the incredible health benefit.  Sure I was sore, but I also know that’s a Sign My body is building more muscles.  After one workout, I am already more flexible.  And today, I get to see how much stronger I am than the first day.  It really doesn’t take long.

Finally, I thought I would share something I thought was somewhat humorous in its irony.  I mentioned that I almost didn’t Post My first workout results because I was so embarrassed by My performance.  I decided I would anyway because I’m really not that vein and it Will only emphasize how effective working out regularly actually is.  Well, wouldn’t You know its the most viewed Pin on Pinterest already!!!  The irony.  It has been viewed over 100 times an hour since I posted the entry last night, 2.5k views and counting.  Fabulous!  (And yes, I’m being sarcastic, yet Grateful).

Alright, so that’s all for today but You Will have developments to look forward to in the Last Chapter of My Story coming up this week along with any other breaking news that comes My Way regarding Our current ‘pandemic’.  I saw a meme on Facebook that made Me laugh, it reads, “This apocalypse sucks, I wanted zombies!”

Always Good to Keep a sense of humour.

Love and Blessings,



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