Volume CXV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Real E State Matters, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for being here.  Friday Will be Fabulous in Deed as it Will also be the 47th anniversary of My Name day, My unique Calling in the Universe, and the Full Moon at 15:12:48 Post Midi to celebrate the occasion, which represents the climax of events in One’s Microcosm which is in turn reflected in Man’s Macrocosm by the fullness of the Moon.  Friday is also My favourite day to Write, so this is also a Post to celebrate the Joy of Writing.

I am following up with a Part II to My Real E State Matters because when I Writ the first part My Wish was really just to get the Matter off My Mind.  The best Way for Me to do that is to get it out.  One of the reasons I Wished to Write a Part II and why it’s appropriate for Freelance Friday, is to summarize what’s going on and why this sequence of events is so infuriating.  What’s going on here, is a perfect example of the corruption of Canada’s legal system and their representatives.

I initially said I would Keep the details of My father’s estate private – partially because I don’t Wish to bore My audience with family drama, and partially because part of Me feels it should be private.  The rest of Me is thankful I did because this is exactly what My intuition told Me My sister would do, only worse.

The Factum claims My sister has never shown any hostility or ill intent toward Me, though I have Acted with hostility toward My sister.  I Acted with hostility toward My sister for stating she has no legitimate claim of right to My father’s estate, is not competent to administrate the estate demonstrated by the fact she has a law firm Acting in her stead at this very moment, and for calling her a fool for expecting Me to Trust her after keeping the birth of her daughter secret from Me and conspiring with My brother and mother to do the same.  Frankly, I thing King My assertion of ‘Fool’ Will be deemed appropriate by any reasonable court Justice.

The point is, I already told the world what I think of My sister for what she did, and I am not ashamed for having said anything I have said.  I called My sister ‘satan’s spawn’ in one of these Blog Posts and I would do it again because I honest to God do not know what possesses a person to use their family as emotional blackmail.  I cannot for the Life of Me even begin to Imagine what her motive or intent might have been, except to cause harm. I do not believe it is normal behaviour, I believe it is some kind of psychosis, so I Will be Happy to defend My right to call her a psycho, too.

I was also hoping that by Writing a Notice of Objection and advising My sister I would let the justice know what she did and why I can’t Trust her if I am compelled to file My objection into the court, that she would just rescind her application.  Name calling back and forth between brother and sister over emails is one thing but actually conspiring to cause harm and carrying out a plan is something completely different.  I did not Wish to be compelled to file a Notice of Objection into the court, letting her know how I felt in emails was enough.  I legitimately believed that she would be so ashamed of her own actions that she would never proceed with the application if she even believed I might tell a justice what she did.  Instead, she is doing exactly what I should have expected of My sister; trying to frame Me as a dangerous, wanted criminal to discredit Me before the court, maintaining that she has never had any intent to cause Me harm.  Exactly what is she attempting to do right at this very moment by the Way she attempts to portray My Character to the court?  Does she sound like a sister I should Trust?

I guess what I am trying to say is that only My closest Friends really know what kind of things I’ve been through with My Family over the last ten years.  I don’t Write about it here because I respect the fact that We have different opinions on a lot of things.  I also do forgive very easily and am not One to hold grudges.  I take accountability for My share of the disharmony, but the fact remains I have never done anything to Willfully harm any One in or outside of My family, including My sister.  I don’t Wish to share some of the things My family has done to Me because I am ashamed for them.

I didn’t Mind not saying a Word about what My sister did.  I never made her feel guilty, I was never as King to her for an explanation.  I did Mind her as King of Me to Trust her.  And no, not at first, that Part is True.  My Brother told Me all in one go that the will Tiffany had was no Good and that Tanja would be taking over for him as estate trustee.  I had some crazy events of My own going on at that particular moment, so I said I was okay with it, even though it wasn’t sitting right with Me from the beginning.  When I had time to start really thing King about it, it made no sense to Me because My sister wanted nothing to do with My father while he was living and is the last person I should be expected to Trust.  When I say that My mother broke down in tears to tell Me about My niece one day, it is not a joke or exaggeration.  I didn’t do that to My mother, My sister did!  My sister would not even Give My mother a reason!   She has every right to Keep her family from Me if she Wishes, I have no Issue with that whatsoever.  What I take Issue to is that she was too cowardly to tell Me and was as King of My brother and mother to lie to Me for her.  She not only destroyed My ability to Trust her, she jeopardized My Trust in My brother and mother.  The only reason it didn’t have more devastating effects on My relationship with My brother and mother was because I refused to hold them responsible for what My sister had asked them to do and I really don’t like to hold a grudge.  I am thing King it was never even mentioned before she was as King of Me to Trust her with the estate.

I am so thankful I did share all of this with You, every suspicion I had of My sister’s intentions.  Venting here and telling My sister how I felt about what she did privately in emails was the alternative to filing a formal Notice of Objection because I didn’t think My sister would Wish for a court to know what she did.  I sincerely believed she would rescind the application.

When I Writ here that I received Notice My sister was planning to proceed without My consent, I Writ that the only Way I believed that would be possible is if she were swearing an affidavit claiming she has My consent.  The date of the affidavits would indicate My instincts were Good.  I told My brother that I believed Tanja might be preparing an affidavit to get around My consent, either by implying she has it or attempting to discredit My character.  My brother seemed annoyed by the accusation, saying I really don’t know My sister, she doesn’t think like that, she would never do something like that.

The Funny thing for this Free Lance Friday is, this Truly is a perfect adult example of My sister’s relationship with Me.  I really don’t know how this Will all Play out because I am as King her in the email why she’s as King Me again, if there is an ulterior motive.  Of course there was an ulterior motive.  To antagonize Me until I say something that could be perceived as hostile.

Including the emails where I am berating My sister for what she did is typical narcissistic behaviour.  My sister is deflecting from her own Actions by focusing on My reaction to them.  I would not be reacting to My sister at all if she were not as King of Me to Trust her to administrate an estate.

I have no Idea what the outcome of this Will be because despite the fact that My sister does a reasonably Good job of defaming My character before the court, I also believe her intent to do so is equally transparent.

I’ll be back with a Part III and I’ll finally get tall King about the Cestui Que Vie.

Love and Blessings,


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