Volume CXXII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Be a Star in the Universal Product Sean

(Of Universal Pictures Greatest Present A Sean).  Hello, and Happy Magical Monday, Ladies and Lords, Kings and Queens; I am Gifted by Your presence.  You are also a Star in the Show just for being here, for contributing to the collective, for Your Imagination.  My Imagine Nation is amazing, I am thing King they call it the Golden Dawn, though it is the Gift of God’s Kingdom for all who Wish to accept.

First, My Magical Living Mandala.


I’m not even sure how many leaves You Will find on this plate, though I’m reasonably sure all but one Will produce a new plant.  I am also sharing this because I have been tall King about My succulent plant collection lately where I have had success rooting virtually everything I have tried.  Leaf cuttings take considerably longer than stem cuttings (with at least two leaves), so I don’t have any new plants yet, though I also don’t have any dead leaves – or at least that was the case until last night.  I suffered three casualties – one very small rosette offset from an Echeveria (very sad) and two ‘Gollum’ leaf cuttings that had been standing in soil in a cardboard egg carton.  I removed the rest of the cuttings from the egg cartons and laid them out on this flat plate with roughly 1/4″ of soil as a bed.  The soil is not intended to be the ‘home’ for the new plant, only to keep the air around the leaves reasonably dry (no misting).  The dry air helps any cuts to close faster and the leaves Will be forced to rely on their reserves, at which time they Will begin producing roots to seek out new moisture.  They could be left in a shoe box or something similar though I personally believe light is important, though I have enough to experiment.  This method is in fact the result of an experiment where I had just laid the leaves on their backs on dry soil and waited for roots to sprout.  It only took a couple of days, the other cuttings had been in egg cartons for almost two weeks and none were showing signs of root development.  The lighter coloured leaf (Crassula Arborescens) sprouted roots overnight this Way!  Now that roots have developed, I mist only the earth around the roots until saturated, then let it dry completely before repeating.


You can only see the two roots shooting up like whiskers but the little ‘mini-mound’ of earth immediately in front is filled with tiny little roots.  I’ve never propagated this Way, so I have no Idea if the new plant sprouts from the roots in the soil or part of the leaf.  As soon as the emergence of a new plant appears, it Will be relocated to its own pot.  I’ve been reading a lot about propagation and apparently the leaf can produce the new plant without any medium at all!  It Will grow roots and if it doesn’t find water right away, Will sprout a new plant using the water conserved in the leaf!  The leaf Will continue to provide a ‘back up’ supply of nutrients to the plant until the roots are established or its resources are depleted.  So I’ll be leaving this one in this little dish for as long as I can with as little support as possible to see if it’s true.  The leaf Will begin to look withered once it starts losing water, and so far the leaves themselves still look perfect.


I also Wished to Show You My new origami paper box for cuttings.  The leaf that is yellowish in colour was removed because it was slightly less green than other leaves on the plant and when I removed it, it was clear to see why.  Those cuts are not from Me, either, I presume there was a string around the base of the plant at some point.  Usually, the plant Will heal itself but this is an example of a leaf that was on the soil line which likely prevented it from drying out and sealing the wound.  I thought it might seal and be useful for propagation if allowed to dry out, but the yellowish colour occurred overnight and I am Showing to let You know it is officially no Good and Will be going in My compost.

And, to get to being the Star of the Show, this Magical Monday did Motivate Sean to Write this Post.  I had said I would follow up with Kristine from the city of Ottawa (Ontario Works) today by Way of email and eventually share the correspondence of My emails.  I am very pleased to report that I sat down to Write Kristine at roughly 1:30 this afternoon and there was an email from Kristine in My inbox!  I like when People get back to Me.

The other reason I feel this is a Magical Monday is because I feel Kristine really is genuine in her intention to assist Me in resolving My outstanding Issues, and I believe Kristine genuinely understands what those Issues are.  The difficulty for Me, is that I do know what should be done, what should have been done, what I don’t understand is why it is not being done.  So the ‘flavour’ of the email I received from Kristine today was that the Ministry of Community and Social Services are responsible for many Acts (like the Ontario Works Act), and that I should contact them with My concerns.  I have Issues with this requisition which I Will get into in a minute, though I do believe Kristine’s intention is sincere, so I decided I would oblige her request anyway…

“Hi. I have revoked My consent to be governed, this Notice of revocation was received by Ontario’s Attorney General and I have been as King that the Trust Created in My name be closed, and that administrative rights over My natural wealth be restored to Me. Who can I contact to ensure this gets done, or is Canada and its Ministries suggesting I am a bonded slave to Canada’s debt? Are You not bound to Honour Your international obligations?  (link to UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights).  Thank You, Your prompt reply is anticipated.”

The reason I have ‘Issues’ with this, is that what I don’t believe Kristine understands, is that as King Me to call any One else to deal with this Matter implies the incorporated person created by the state is something am bound to and must deal with in Order to enjoy My rights.  Not True!!!  That implication is what makes the contract a slave and bondage contract!  It is presumed I can quit My country any time and that representatives of authority of that country Will know how to deal with it.  If I tell a coworker I quit My job, they have a duty to tell the manager – My employment doesn’t continue just because My coworker does not tell a manager.  The moment I say I quit, I’m done – the obligation is on the employer to pay Me any due wages and fulfill any other contractual obligations.  I don’t work for the company anymore, not My problem!

Okay, so I got off on a bit of a rant there because it really is true.  Any presumption any obligations of the incorporated person created and owned by the state is an insult to My True Character, I am not their fictional, incorporated person or entity.  I’m tired of repeating it.  What I am interested in, is Good News, and making other People a Star of the Show.

See, Kristine acknowledges the rights I Wish to enjoy, Kristine knows those rights are protected in law by Canada’s ratification of the U.N.’s charter on Civil and Political Rights, and Kristine is a representative of Canada’s government, regardless what capacity.  It would not even Matter if Kristine were not a direct government employee as every citizen has the same responsibility to respect and Honour Our fundamental, Sovereign rights.  It is Sworn or Affirmed in the Oath to Canada, its constitution and Monarch.

I’m not going to quote the Oath of the Canadian citizen today, but I assure You it is there.  I am also not quoting because Kristine spoke on the phone with Me directly about ‘self-determination’, suggesting I Will have to provide some direction if I Wish to see results.  Well, the United Nation states very plainly in a covenant ratified by Canada (and therefor protected by Canadian law), that protecting international human rights is the duty of all People of all nations, so it is every bit as much Kristine’s duty as it is mine to ensure My rights are protected.

“Realizing that the individual, having duties to other individuals and to the community to which he belongs, is under a responsibility to strive for the promotion and observance of the rights recognized in the present Covenant,”

So Kristine’s next duty Will be to find out whom it is We need to contact to ensure Canada is Acting in compliance with international law and fulfilling its obligations in the promotion and observance of human rights.  Who do I need to be tall King with in the city of Ottawa to make sure I am not unlawfully assaulted and abused by Ottawa’s police services?  That’s what I Wish to know most.

I’m going to make People famous!!!  (The Magic of this Monday, is that My Word Manifests).  Will new Characters in the last chapter of My story be allies of foes of God’s Kingdom?

Love and Blessings,

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