Final Notice of Criminal Liability; Issued to Noah S. Potechin, Merovitz Potechin LLP, and National Bank of Canada

Good Morning,

You have failed to provide any lawful excuse for Your trespasses upon Me and Default Judgment Will be awarded against You midnight, December 3rd without further Notice to You.

This is a Final, 3 day courtesy reminder to Give You an opportunity to cease and desist Your criminal actions.

You don’t like to be called a criminal?  Then stop Acting like one and stop trespassing upon Me!

You ARE in possession of $54,238.91 that should be forwarded to You client to discharge the mortgage immediately. 

Should You Honour Your duty to forward this payment to Your client before midnight, December 3rd, all crimes Will be forgiven and the Notices Will be removed from the Public Record.  I Will even be gracious enough to provide an apology to both You and Your client, though I do not have any obligation to do so as I have not trespassed upon You or Your client, I have only stated the FACTS.

If the Discharge Statement You sent to Me is NOT worth the dollar Value You were as King of Me for (as per Your claim), then You have no right to be as King of Me to exchange that Discharge Statement for the Value You are as King of Me for!  How can You reasonably expect Me to Give You $54,238.91 in exchange for the Discharge Statement, if it has no Value to You or Your client?  Your argument is self-defeating and (at best) a trespass upon My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations in the interest of mutual benefit and international cooperation, a direct violation of international law.

Govern Your Self Accordingly,


King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

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