Volume CXLV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Welcome to the Apocalypse

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me.

The Whore of Babylon (Babble-on, Commoners)

I wasn’t sure if ‘The Tower’ Card or ‘Lust’ were more appropriate for the Magic of this Post though I opted to go with ‘Lust’ because this card legitimately represents Our current Sea (currency) of Commercial Admiralty Law. The Beast depicted in the card appears to be trampling on Souls under the earth. The exalted womb-Man riding the Beast appears to also be carrying some kind of Wand or sceptre and holding or perhaps even impregnating some kind of embryonic-looking sac. It appears as though whatever she is holding up has been fertilized already. More importantly still, the Idea (concept-Ion) is for more than just ‘Life on Earth’, it appears to ascend beyond the earth and into the Heavens above – something appears to be drawing this new Life upward into the Heavens.

There are also ten orb shaped objects between the light rays emanating from the source and I point this out because I have suggested that 10 represents a New Age/Aeon in Magic. Is it possible that the entire commercial admiralty system of Law and the citizen Ship We are [for] Sale-ing on were deliberately Created exclusively for this purpose?

I am very much suggesting that is precisely the purpose of it and that very soon all things Will be revealed to You including the Illusion of money (which I think People are beginning to see with real eyes now that so many have been forced out of their jobs or had their business bankrupted by their nation’s irrational response to covid).

I also chose to share the Lust card with You today over ‘The Tower’ card because it was also the central focus and ‘subject Matter’ of the first Tarot read I have ever done for the People of the world. I let the Universe know I would share the read with the world and that is the only Intent-Ion that went into it. What the Universe decided to Show is rather telling and goes a long Way to support My belief that when One comprehends there Truly are no coincidences in the Universe, the perfection of this read and how it is all Playing out now is about the best ‘Way’ the Universe has to ‘prove’ what I tell You is True.

Even at the center of the ‘psychological influences’ influencing the Matter (from the Tarot read) We had ‘The Hermit, another Trump card (which represents Universal forces beyond Our control) foretelling that I would not be the only One subject to a Hermetic lifestyle as People all over the world would be compelled to ‘self-quarantine’.

And today is the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition and it has been more difficult for Me to get back to Writing daily than I had anticipated because I really did shut off the world for a week and had no Idea what was now being perpetrated by the propagandized mainstream media. Apparently the White House was breached by protestors or something?

Yeah, I just got ‘news bites’ from Twitter and Facebook and haven’t looked into anything yet except to verify that Ontario is currently under martial law, though they like to tell People it is the emergency procedures act (or something like that). So an eight o’clock curfew is to protect People from contracting covid? Are People actually stupid enough to believe this nonsense?

So for People who think Magic isn’t real, Magic is real enough for People in Montreal to be convinced that covid comes out to attack People in the neighbourhood between eight in the evening and six o’clock in the morning. We are not sure yet if the covid strain was from a vampire bat, We are currently waiting to hear back from Wuhan with further information regarding the unusual, ‘vampire like’ behavioural characteristics of covid.

I am thing King I experienced information overload when I turned My laptop back on. There are absolutely no shortage of things for Me to be tall King about, it’s more about what sort of things I Wish to Publish this year and trying to pick one of so many things I Wish to Write about that I end up Writing nothing at all.

The world out there is a Magical mess and there are plenty of things for Me to be tall King about. One of the things I Will be tall King about tomorrow for the Thursday Thing King Edition is socialism. I’m so tired of hearing People tall King about socialism like it is the worst possible Idea that could ever influence a nation’s People. People talk about socialism as One might expect a Man to be tall King about fascism and dictatorship; socialism=communism, communism=fascist dictatorship. These are fallacies and simply not True. How many People would have believed that ‘Constitutional Democratic Monarchy’ means fascist dictatorship to protect People from the vampire virus? Nobody, right? Yet here We are, ‘state of emergency’ for something proving to be no more deadly than a seasonal flu (and incidentally, lowest flu death rates in history last year but probably ‘just a coincidence’, not like they would name the common flu ‘covid’ to fool People in hopes of bankrupting the world, We can ‘Trust’ government and especially Trudeau, they would never dream of doing anything like that because it would be morally wrong).

You think they Called it ‘Sars-Co’V’-2′, maybe the ‘V’ stands for vampire virus that only comes out at night to feed on the blood of disobedient citizens.

I’d LOVE to watch any provincial premier try to explain to a court how preventing People from leaving their homes after 8:00 is a risk to public health and safety. It is a point they could NEVER win in court, they are just hoping they Will never be asked to ‘prove’ how these measures keep People safe (or how violating them makes People unsafe).

What they are ‘Magically’ trying to do, is make People perceive everyone We know as the enemy rather than the People who are destroying the world by the policies they are imposing on those same People. Their dream is for Us to fear one another, to believe that being close to anyone is a danger to themselves and others. This is the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic in full swing.

The greater point to this Post and the ‘Lucky’ of this Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday is that everything is playing out just as it should. The world Will be divided by covid, it was designed to do that.

Here are some rather ‘amazing’ points to consider to Give You an Idea just how ‘Magical’ this world is. Not ONCE have I ever heard any public official from any country suggest that Covid-19 is actually a biological weapon with the intent to incite fear and panic into the Minds of Man in hopes of catalyzing an economic collapse of the world’s wealthiest countries. There’s motive, China is not exactly known for ethics (nor is ‘just a child’ Trudeau) and so far, China and the world’s wealthiest one percent are the only People so far that have reaped massive benefits as a result of covid. Does one not think it’s even slightly strange that the possibility has never been seriously considered? I do. Because I’m not saying it was a biological weapon Willfully created by China but I’m saying that if it was – so far it has been a tremendously successful weapon and has accomplished virtually everything they could hope it would.

Meh, probably just a coincidence, right?

Love and Blessings,

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