Volume CL: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; Criticism of Trudeau a Criminal Act?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition, thank King You for joining Me.

Well, I had planned to Write less about the law, politics and the descent of Canada’s fall to fascism but I could not resist the ‘click bait’ enticing Me to view the video I am sharing with You today.

Many of My readers Will know that several years ago I published a Book called ‘A Prophecy for Peace‘. In that Book I am tall King about My own Spiritual awakening and how I believe that My awakening is really just a Sign of an evolution of consciousness in Man’s kind that Will inevitably reshape Our world – a catalyst for the ‘Golden Dawn’ of Man’s kind, if You Will. Certainly not the kind of Book one would expect to result in the author being added to a government ‘watch list’ as a potential terrorist threat, though that’s exactly what happened.

A copy of My Book in pdf format is available here on My Blog and free for anyone to download so it isn’t exactly a secret or something I shy away from, and I’m happy to let anyone who chooses to read My Book determine for themselves if it constitutes terrorism in any Way.

It is likely much harder for People who have read My Book to believe that it would place Me on a watch list of any kind. I’m sure there are at least a few People who have a difficult time believing that would be the result of publishing a Book in Canada and probably thought I was exaggerating for the purpose of sensationalizing My own Story. I told the tale of how shortly after self-publishing My Book I received an email from the government of Canada (though I don’t remember now which office or Ministry it was) telling Me that as a ‘Canadian’ author, I am obliged to register My Book with the government of Canada and provide them with two copies; one for the Canadian Archives of Canadian authors and one for the National Library. (Going by memory here but I’m reasonably confident that was what the email claimed.)

I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I was furious because I perceive My Book to be My intellectual property and as such it is for Me to determine whether or not I Wish to register My Book and determine who I Wish to share it with. The Idea that any One (or any organization) would suggest they have a ‘right’ to copies of My Book seemed ludicrous to Me. I responded with a curt email asserting these beliefs, informed the government of Canada that if they really Wish to have two copies of My Book, they can print two versions themselves from the pdf version I had made freely available to the public. I also indicated that under no circumstances would I be compelled to ‘register’ My Book with the Canadian government.

I never received a reply to My email which We now know to be a common tactic of Canada’s government when they don’t have any legal or lawful excuse for their actions. However, it also happened to be the main ’cause’ for the Way I was treated by Toronto Police officers when I was unlawfully arrested in the summer of 2010. I [foolishly] believed that by telling the officers I was a harmless, peaceable Man so committed to living a peaceful Life I had published a Book called ‘A Prophecy for Peace’, it would absolve Me of their belief I was some kind of terrorist. I was so wrong. It was in fact the reason I was on a watch list and why I was stripped of My rights and interrogated for over five hours by men in suits, much like the individuals in today’s video, though in My case the suits were a male and female officer.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, please check out the following video to Give You an Idea what People might be up against if they publish anything that stands to upset the status quo – peaceful or not.

Ezra Levant Interrogated for publishing a Book

I use a capital for the Word ‘Book’ because I capitalize any Word I Wish to emphasize in My Writing. The Idea is that Words and Ideas are Powerful and a Book is a collection of the Magical Spelling of Ideas into Words to Form complete thoughts. Look at how smug and sure of themselves these two officers are. They have absolutely no regard for any of the constitutional rights of Canada’s People, much less the inherent rights We are Given by God.

The big difference here, is that Ezra Levant was invited to speak with these officers. I’m not sure what the ‘threat’ was if he failed to meet with them because he doesn’t really clarify though I presume most Common People who haven’t committed any crime would presume it would be in their best interest to meet with the officers in Order to assert their rights and innocence. Most would perceive this as ‘being cooperative’ which they believe and hope Will reflect more favourably on their character if the Matter does come before a court.

I do not Wish to ‘attack’ or belittle Ezra Levant in any Way because I empathize with his struggle, I Will only say that he makes a lot of mistakes and if he had intended to meet with these officers and eventually ‘lawyer up’ anyway, it would have been in his best interest to have a lawyer with him for this meeting. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and is providing these officers with a ton of ammunition to use against him later. I’m guessing his lawyer(s) Will have since advised him of the same. However, there IS one thing Ezra Levant did right, and that was to videotape the interview and perhaps that was his exclusive reason for entertaining their invitation; he is a journalist and probably felt the video interview would be newsworthy enough to justify any mistakes he might make. You Will also notice that the police officers tell Ezra that no recording devices are permitted during the interview, a condition he Willfully (and rightfully, lawfully) violates.

The police would probably not have agreed to meet with Ezra if he had told them he was bringing a lawyer with him because the police Will know they are not within their rights. They are recording him, why should he not also be able to record them? That is the common law. They don’t Wish to allow recording devices because they know they are violating the law and that this Will be damning for them in a court of law. The fact that he recorded the entire interview may well result in having them drop the entire complaint. Ezra is also correct on his point that if the officers cannot clearly identify the complaint, there is no crime. In order for there to be a legitimate crime in a Common Law jurisdiction, there must be an injured party (I’m guessing they Will claim this is injurious to the liberal party and Justin True Dough). Unfortunately, in a free and democratic society, People are allowed to criticize their government, it is what separates a constitutional democratic monarchy from tyranny and fascism, and why this is an example of Canada’s fall to fascism.

The saddest part of this Story, is that this kind of censorship on freedom of speech has been going on in Canada a lot longer than most People realize. This is precisely why I was treated with such prejudice by Toronto Policy officers in 2010, and why I’m perceived to be such a great ‘threat’ to Canada. The last thing the Canadian government Wishes for is intelligent, critical thing King.

Love and Blessings,

[For information purposes, I thought it might be worthy to note that I never did register My Book with Canada’s government or an ISBN number, although if One were to order a hardcopy of My Book today they Will notice it has one. Also, when I initially published My Book My name was expressed on the bottom of the cover in ALL CAPS. A Friend also pointed out that ‘Googling’ My name would show, “Sean von Dehn, Canadian Author”. Somewhere along the Way, the name on the cover was changed and is now Spelled correctly (Sean von Dehn) and is Writ above the title rather than the bottom of the cover page. Finally, the most Significant detail to change over the years is that it no longer reads ‘Canadian’ author, it just says ‘author’. These are some of the reasons I believe the paperwork I have filed with Canada’s government has made a difference behind the scenes, as I am responsible for none of those changes (and happy about every single one).]


  1. Let us relax and allow things to unfold naturally with the divine flow of life…
    This concept is in power versus force because allowing is much better than trying to force …
    Have you read this book or at least a summary of it ?

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