Volume CLXXI: Terrific Tuesday Post [Office] of the Day; Walking With Christ

Hey there beautiful People, this Will be a short One today. I would potentially like to interpret some of the quotes from this Blog Post but if I do I Will save it for another day. I essentially concur on all the points, My only Issue (is You/is Shoe) is that it is fine to say We should be wa-King (walking/Way of Christ) with Christ, My Quest Ion is whether or not People Truly comprehend what that means. I am not fearless, but I am Gifted with the Armour (Amour/Love) of God, which Gives Me the courage to face any fear. In fact, it dares fear to taunt Me because God knows who Wins.

Okay, that’s all My Spiritual interpretation, please enjoy My subscription Post of the day (because walking with Christ means One is Holding a position of Office in God’s Kingdom). One does not need to be Christian to glean some Wisdom from Christ’s Word and Way. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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