Volume CLXXIII: The Super Natural Sun Day Re-View; Adventures in Canada’s Courts

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for being here. It has been an eventful and interesting week in Canada’s Courts and I Will be re-Viewing some of those adventures today, and tall King about why I am confident moving for-Ward and excited for a Magical Motive a Sean all Monday to begin the new week tomorrow.

The ‘Natural Person’

Pictured above is something of a highlight of the week, though there is a lot to discuss. On Magical Monday I had one of My most memorable experiences at the Registrar’s desk when Mike confirmed that defense counsel had not provided a Statement of Defense or Notice of Intent to Defend My Statement of Claim, and I was able to Note the Defendants in Default.

“You have nothing to worry about now, they cannot participate without filing an objection with the Court and You Will receive Notice. Nothing can be done to change this without Your knowledge.”

Mike, Registrar, Ottawa Ontario Superior Court (paraphrasing)

Ah, such music to My ears, it was! I felt like the Universe was Singing in Harmony with Me and I left the court feeling absolutely fabulous. Not only because I had just noted the defendants in default, but also because Mike told Me the paperwork I had prepared for the court was some of the best he’d seen in 25 years as a Registrar from a self presented litigant. I felt like My efforts to conform with the Rules of Civil Procedure were paying off and I was finally reaping the rewards for My hard work. Until I went back on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday to request an email address for the motions office to make My requisition to a Judge for default Judgment.

“I can Give You the email address but the defendants are not Noted in Default, they filed a Statement of Intent to Defend.”

Steven Pardou, Registrar, Ottawa Superior Court (also paraphrasing)

Yeah, defense counsel has some tricks of their own! But as I said in One of My Posts earlier this week, Tricks are for kids, and I am a Master Magician. What initially seemed like very bad news very soon Presented an alternate perspective that is even more beneficial to My overall claim, and I began to realize (with real eyes, seeing things properly) that defense counsel seem to be digging themselves a grave. All I’m going to be doing is throwing the earth on top to bury them in the hole they have already dug for themselves.

How so? Well, after a little more discussion with Steven and as King of him to look up the case file and tell Me what time the Notice of Intent was filed on the Court of Record, he tells Me that I was only six seconds too late. Defense counsel filed at 10:40:09 AM on Monday morning and they were Noted in Default at 10:40:15. Then Steven Pardou tells Me that there is an ‘error’ with My Affidavit of Service and it had to be removed from My Claim.

Very interesting. So the Registrar can remove documents from My file as a result of their (Steve’s) negligence, and they don’t even have to tell Me about it? If that sounds incorrect, it’s because it is.

Steve is not only guilty of tampering and removing documents from My Case file, he is also guilty of negligence for failing to let Me know about it! He also initially insisted that the error was not his, he would never allow an Affidavit of Service on the Court of Record without proof of email delivery. I corrected him and told him he was wrong. He was the one to initially accept the Affidavit and Mike reviewed it again on Monday to make absolutely sure all My paperwork was in Order before Noting the defendants in default. Again, Steve insisted it was not his error, someone else must have received that Affidavit. Then I produced My copy and he apologized because he could not argue with his own Signature.

What’s even more curious is that Steven knew all of these details and didn’t even look up My Case file on the Court of Record until I was as King of him what time the Notice of Intent to Defend was filed, and he had said that the defendants filed through the online portal so it must have been a delay in posting to the Court of Record. How would Steve know anything about what’s going on with My file if I have not been to the Courthouse in two days and the Notice of Intent to Defend was made through the online portal? When I insisted he tell Me his last name and produce a Note that I can present to a Court Judge or Justice to Show that it was his error and negligence and no fault of My own, his first question was, “Are You going to summons Me?”. And he looked terrified (guilty).

Well, the Good News to all of this is that I was at Staples today and printed a copy of the email service of the Notice of Intent to defend which shows the email was sent two hours after Steve is claiming the defendants filed the Notice into the Court. So now I also know that Steven is holding Me to a much higher level of scrutiny than that of defense counsel because they can’t have proof of email service at 10:40:09 in the morning if it wasn’t sent to Me until 12:41 PM, can they? Steve just looks at Me like a deer in the headlights about to get hit by a truck.

I told him I want the Affidavit of Service removed because it was filed in fraud and I know for sure they did not provide proof of email. Steve tells Me he can’t touch anything on the Court of Record, I Will have to motion to the Court to have the Affidavit removed. Interesting. So how was it possible for Me?

You see how all of this is war King in My favour, Ladies and Lords, fellow Queens and Kings?

If the Affidavit of Service of the Notice of Intent to Defend is not removed from the Court of Record and the times Steve is telling Me are correct, then defense counsel has committed fraud (for placing false documents onto the Court of Record) and perjury (because they Will also have had to swear an Affidavit of Service). I also have incontrovertible proof that someone has been tampering with My Court filings and I can save all of this information for when We do finally bring these Matters before a Judge, and I can watch defense counsel squirm in person. And I Will once again let the Judge or Justice decide if I should summons Steven Pardou to explain his level of involvement and why he has such intimate knowledge of My filings without accessing the system. That Will be very interesting for Me, too.

But the ‘Golden’ delivery of the week was the hardcopy Notice of Intent to Defend that arrived on Friday. The ‘natural person’ is a recognized legal entity with all of the rights of the natural (Living) Man, and that legal entity is being Presented to the Courts by its legal and lawful counsel, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God. And this happens to be one of the facts stated in My Claim, now admitted by defense counsel and We haven’t even started discovery of evidence yet!

Can You tell I’m excited? Yes, it is really going to be a very exciting week because I Will be going back to the Registrar’s desk tomorrow to be as King some of these Quest-Ions, and I Will also be producing My email proof of service to accompany My Affidavit of Service and the email showing the Notice of Intent to Defend was not served upon Me at the time defense entered it onto the Court of Record!

This is why I once said that the only time My father ever really hit Me was after I had lied to him. Doesn’t Matter why I lied (I believed My reason was Good), if You lie, nothing You say means anything, One loses the Honour of their Word. It was many years later before I recognized how Great-Full I am for that hard lesson – but it stuck. I may be a lot of things, but I am not I liar, I do not try to cheat People. Defense counsel did not learn that lesson, but I assure You, I Will be educating her very soon.

Love and Blessings,

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