Volume CLXXV: The Super Natural Sun Day Re View; Magic in Motion to Move a Court

Hello every One, welcome to the Super Natural Sun-Day Re-View of the last week, and thank all You Ladies and Lords for being here, Dames and Sirs, this is House von Dehn, Kingdom of God and Happy to have You.

We did Cast some Magic on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday of this last week by emailing a Letter of Motion to the Ontario Superior Court. Now We wait to see what effects the Spells of Our Magic Will have. Will the Spirit of the Letter Move the Court to take Action? Only time Will tell.

I am hoping We Will not be waiting too long. It would be nice to hear something Monday, but I was also somewhat expecting I would have heard something by Friday. I legitimately believe it can’t stay on the Court of Record because it contains fraud and perjury, but I don’t know what’s involved. That is why I was expecting to hear sooner than later, though, because if I do what I can to place My Self in their shoes, it seems like the most logical, sensible and least ‘messy’ solution. Nothing criminal has been done if the document just disappears as though it never existed.

The fraud and perjury of false statements made by the Judge only require a direct comparison to the Claim itself – the fraud and perjury are self evident. It is also clearly evident that the Judge did not have all the facts at the time she made the determination. No Motion materials had been filed with the Court as of June 25th, so unless defense counsel went back in time, no Motion was filed with the Court by defense on the 22nd of June, and the Court of Record Will clearly show these facts. Defense counsel lied to the Judge, withheld critical information from the Court and obviously petitioned the court privately and in violation of the Rules a third time in Order to have the Motion on the 19th of July heard by a Judge. Whatever defense counsel did to get this private audience, it was once again done in violation of the Rules. This is not the Way things are supposed to go.

So I figured that once I motioned the Court, they would be more than happy to make it go away because at least it saves the Judge. We can Write the whole thing off as the Judge being unfairly influenced by fraudulent, misleading, impartial testimony by defense counsel made in violation of the Rules, and the document is stricken from the Record – no harm done. But if it remains on the Record, that is further harm to My Character and a criminal offense according to Canadian Law. So I don’t know, I am thing King it Will be an interesting week and I am hoping We hear something soon.

For now, I’ve done what I can. I feel Good about the Magic of the Motion I did Cast into the Universe, and I Trust that whatever the outcome Will be, it Will be exactly the outcome necessary for Me to move forward with My Quest.

I have enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing weekend and have been celebrating by… Cleaning? Is that weird? Probably. But really, I Love My space and I’ve been celebrating that space by making it as inviting as I can. I just have the floors left, and I’ll be taking care of that while My dinner cooks. I’m having stuffed chicken breast, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Getting hungry just thing King about it.

Alright People, that’s all for now. You know I Will keep You Posted with any developments, have a Wonder-Full week and a most Magical Monday morning.

Love and Blessings,

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