Volume CLXXXVI: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; Optics Focused on Optimism

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View, thank King or Queen You for joining Me as the case may be (and there are only two options). I said that sometime soon I would be tall King about why I feel so optimistic about My Motion despite the decision taking longer than I had anticipated. I had planned to Write this Post yesterday but I’m also moving and got busy packing up My apartment and ran out of time. I figured the Sunday review would be a perfect time to go over My optimistic perspective as there were few other significant events to discuss from this last week. Also, to Keep things entertaining and interesting, I’m also including a few videos today that I found either interesting, funny, or completely ridiculous for Your entertainment and amusement.

Before I get into any of the entertaining videos I Wish to share, let Me tell You why My optics are focused on optimism and (more importantly) why I feel that being optimistic about the result of My Magical Motion is not unrealistic or unreasonable when regarded as objectively as I am able.

The first detail is that the email providing instructions on where to send My Motion materials [by email] was the same email address that had responded to Me with an answer to defense counsel’s request to dismiss in the first place. It initially caught Me off guard because that WAS the email address I had used to be as King the Quest-Ion (and every other email from that address was sent by Ashley Moniz Andrade).

The difference was that it was not Signed by an individual, it was simply indicating where to send My email for a Motion request, what information to include in the subject line, and what materials to include with the email. It also included a link to Notices regarding Motions procedures during Covid. Within an hour, a second email arrived also from the same email address (Ontario Superior Court) with instructions on how to file an ex-parte Motion in writing. The difference was that the second email was sent to Me by Derrick Bert who works for the Sheriff’s department as the Motions coordinator for the Court, and included his email address, fax, and phone number (which was different from the ‘Motions Email’). Once again, the email address cited for Motions bookings was the very same email address used to send Me all other correspondence I have received. Clearly, someone from the Court had instructed Derrick to send Me that second email, and the additional contact information for Derrick Bert seemed irrelevant because it had nothing to do with where I would be sending My Motion materials.

So there are a number of things I find interesting about that. The first, is that obviously the Court is going to know that a determination was already made to dismiss My lawsuit, and these queries about where to send Motion materials were made two days after I had noted the defendants in default and before Sally had made the determination. It seemed strange to Me that the Court would respond a day too late. The Court also knows that My request was made after the defendants were noted in default, and if no Motion was filed to overturn the defendants being noted in default, the Court Will know that, too! The Court Will also know that I did not receive Notice that the defendants were no longer noted in default – that was the second BIG error made by the Court (or deliberately by a Registrar doing favours for defense counsel off the Court of Record).

Even if what Steven Pardou (Registrar) had told Me is True and defense counsel filed a Notice of Intent to Defend through the online portal prior to being Noted in Default, if I were able to Note the defendants in default at the Registrar’s desk, then I MUST be Given Notice that the status of default has been overturned and [the Court] would have explained to Me that defense counsel had filed a Notice of Intent to defend that was not showing on the system at the time I Noted them in Default. Under no circumstance would the Court NOT tell Me if a party Noted in Default had overturned the default status. Courts have a duty and responsibility to ensure full transparency between the two parties, I should NEVER be in the dark with respect to what is going on with My Claim.

I’m not sure how complicated all of this sounds or how well I’m explaining it all because in My Mind it all seems perfectly logical. Now that I have a copy of the official Court of Record which includes all official filings with the Court, My Notice of Default is on the Court of Record – but there is nothing on the Court of Record to Show that default was overturned, nothing on the Court of Record to Show I was Given Notice of the change, and no official request to dismiss made by defense counsel.

What I’m getting at here, is that whoever reversed the Notice of Default, violated the Rules of the Court by not Giving Me Notice (at the very least). Overturning a Notice of Default also requires a Motion to the Court, and none was made. My belief is that Steven Pardou did this as a favour for defense counsel and presumed I would be too stupid to know I’m not entitled to receive Notice. He also lied to My face about the times he said the Notice of Default was filed with the Court, and his supervisor told Me that he doesn’t even have access to the specific times documents are filed!

So to any administrator or motions coordinator looking at the Court of Record, this is all going to look highly suspicious. I mentioned here before that the Sheriff is the highest authority of law enforcement in Canada – it is the Sheriff who would arrest a Court Judge or Justice for violating the Rules or Acting outside of their official capacity. It is also the Sheriff to whom One would report a crime by an elected official found to be abdicating their Oath of Office. For that reason, it makes sense that one of the Sheriff’s duties is to Act as the Motions coordinator to make sure that no funny business is going on, and that Motions are directed to the appropriate (and impartial) officer of the Court. If judges are making determinations the Sheriff doesn’t know about, then the Sheriff knows something fraudulent is afoot. Does My logic make more sense now? There was no real reason for the second email, I already received the information from the same address an hour previous. So why send a second email advising Me I can motion the Court ‘ex-parte’ (without the other party’s knowledge) in Writing, also indicating that the Motion request Will be directed to an appropriate officer by the Sheriff?

Together, the two emails were basically just letting Me know how the Courts operate. They indicated where to send My Motion, and who (specifically) Will be assigning My Motion to an appropriate officer of the Court. Remember when I said that one of the greatest ‘tricks’ to deciphering legal documents is to pay attention to what is not said? These emails were also indicating to Me what defense counsel had NOT done. My belief, is that Derrick Bert knows he wasn’t as King of Sally to make this determination, so who did?

Wow, that’s really just the introduction as to why I feel so confident, but I have been keeping this under My Magician’s hat because I’m pretty sure that when defense counsel puts these puzzle pieces together they Will come up with the same picture. It makes perfect sense that an impartial individual such as a Sheriff of the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office Will be the one to assign motions to the appropriate judge or justice. Really, I could probably just be as King of Derrick if he was as King of Sally to make a determination in regards to My case, but I’m reasonably sure I already know the answer.

These things may seem very subtle, but the Court is not going to provide Me with any advantage whatsoever – at least, not if they are doing their job properly. Does it not seem logical that if Derrick directed Sally to make the determination that he would just say so? That wouldn’t be a violation of the Rules because I’m entitled to know if the Court is considering making a determination. I believe the only reason the second email came from the Sheriff’s Motions Office, was to subtly let Me know that the determination was not sanctioned by the Motions office. The email for the Sheriff is different from the Court, so the Court Will forward (valid) Motion requests to the Sheriff for assignment to a Judge.

Before I get into the entertainment for today, I Wish to stress the importance of this because without a system like this in place, there would be potential for all kinds of corruption. This Way, the Courts can’t just pick and choose where to send motions, they can only review the materials to ensure they meet the necessary criteria, then forward the request to the Sheriff for assignment. This Way, the Sheriff knows that any determinations not sanctioned by him were made unlawfully and outside of the Court process. Similarly, Derrick Bert is directly accountable for any Motions forwarded to him by the Court for assignment – it’s a logical, quality control system and prevents People like Steven Pardou from making changes to a case file that are not on the Court of Record… Or at least it prevents Steven from being able to get away with violating the Rules of the Court because he doesn’t have the authority to make changes to My case file without My knowledge – PERIOD.

Alright, that’s only the first two emails and why THAT inspired Me to make an ex-parte motion – it legitimately felt as though the Courts were as King of Me to file a Motion and ‘quietly’ advising Me that they know what’s going on but can’t do anything unless I am as King of them to.

You made it through this Blog Post, You deserve some entertainment. The first video regards serious subject Matter but Russel Brand has a Way of Presenting the information in an entertaining, satirical Style that made Me laugh more than once, so I hope it Will have the same effect on You.

The second video is a bit of a follow up on Joe Rogan and My reason for sharing it is to Show You how Powerful it is to defend One’s Self when their Character is attacked. Now, We may not all have two hundred million viewers tuning into Our broadcast everyday, but that doesn’t mean that addressing One’s ‘accusers’ is any less powerful. CNN believed they were so powerful they could just gaslight Joe Rogan and there wouldn’t be anything he could do about it. The intent was to ‘cancel’ Joe Rogan for his controversial opinions (or at least controversial to CNN), and the result was that when Joe Rogan rebutted the accusations, his attacker effectively got canceled instead! Enjoy.

This final video is about the ‘critical race theory’ they are now implementing in schools in the U.S. They are doing the same thing here in Canada and virtually every other [primarily Caucasian] country. The reason I’m sharing this last one is because it is the manifestation of what I had suggested this new ‘critical race theory’ teaching is really all about – it’s just about shaming white People for being white and creating more diversity by focusing on the colour of People’s skin. So long as We see People of different colour as different, We Will continue to perpetrate racial inequality. One of the children’s books being added to the curriculum, teaches children that if they were born white, they are of the devil! (No, that is not a joke, please watch the video and do try to maintain a sense of humor.)

Worse still, parents who complain to schools about the new ‘critical race theory’ curriculum have now been classified as ‘domestic terrorists’ by Biden and the department of justice. Why doesn’t he just come out and say that really, he perceives all American citizens who believe in their constitution to be domestic terrorists interfering with his treasonous corporate takeover of the U.S..

Love and Blessings, thanks so much for being here!

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