Volume CLXXXVII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XX

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and Our Finale of My V for Vendetta interpret-a-Sean. As always, thank King or Queen You for being here.

Our Finale begins with Creedy’s men thoroughly searching the area where V has instructed Creedy to deliver High Chancellor, Sutler. They confirm the area is secure, no Sign of V. Creedy sounds angry and frustrated when he says, “where is he!”.

Keep on as King, and You Will receive.

V appears from seemingly out of nowhere, amidst all the men who had just confirmed the area was perfectly clear, announcing himself with, “Parry for the Guy”.

V allows one of the officers to wave a wand around his body, presumably checking for weapons and announces, “he’s clean”.

“Well, I kept My end of the bargain, did You keep Yours?”

Creedy commands his men to produce Sutler. Meanwhile, Sutler is warning People of the consequences for protesting and gathering, but the televisions are projecting the monologue to empty rooms – no One appears to be home. Even the senior’s home is empty and it appears they have left their wheelchairs behind! (They must be really motivated.)

Creedy produces Sutler and V is as King to see his face which had been covered with a black bag.

I chose to include this photo because it demonstrates the True cowardice of Sutler when not dictating mandates from an anonymous location where he is protected from harm. Nothing about Sutler looks courageous or powerful, he simply looks like a weak, terrified, and traumatized old Man. When his eyes finally find V, he gasps with sheer horror.

“Ah, Sutler. At last, We finally meet!”

(Sutler continues bawling like a baby.)

“I have something for You, Chancellor. A farewell Gift for all You’ve done, for all You might have done, and for the only thing You have left.”

V slides a Scarlet Carson into the breast pocket of Sutler’s blazer and very casually bids, “Farewell, Chancellor,” and a brief pause before, “Creedy!”

Creedy gives one last look at the Chancellor before cocking the hammer of his pistol and making one last final comment, “disgusting!” before pulling the trigger and ending Sutler’s misery and tyranny forever.

The lead detective had decided to check the underground one last time, hears the gunshot and runs toward it.

As One might expect, the next Scene is probably My favourite of the film. V appears to be hopelessly surrounded and had agreed to turn himself in. We can’t help but Wonder if V intends to Honour his Word, because it certainly doesn’t appear as though he has any other option.

“Now that’s done with, it’s time We get a look at Your face. Take off Your mask.”


Creedy nods for the officers to remove V’s mask for him. As they reach for the mask, one loses his hand nanoseconds before they both lose their lives. The rest of the men ready their firearms and take a step back.

“Defiant ’till the end, eh? Aw, You won’t cry like him, Will You? You’re not afraid of death. Your like Me.”

V raises his head in protest.

“The only thing You and I have in common, Mr. Creedy, is that We are both about to die.”

“And how do You imagine that is going to happen?”, (laughing nervously)

“With My Hands around Your neck.”

Creedy is visibly shaken, terrified. “Bollocks!.. What You gonna do? We’ve already swept this place. You’ve got nothing! Nothing but Your knives and Your fancy karate. Gimmicks!!! We have guns!!!”

“No, what You have are bullets, and the hope that when Your guns are empty, I Will no longer be standing. Because if I am, You’ll all be dead before You’ve reloaded.”

“That’s impossible!!!”

We can tell that Creedy is both terrified and conflicted. On one hand, he thinks V must be crazy, on the other hand, he just witnessed V compromise two of his armed men effortlessly in less than a second. He pulls out his pistol, points it at V, and orders his men to fire.

V takes an impossible amount of ammunitions and falls to one knee, but not to the ground. The guns are empty, and there is a brief pause as if the men are waiting for V to fall over and die. As You might guess, he doesn’t.

“My turn!!!”

All Creedy’s men are compromised in a dazzling display of throwing knives and karate gimmicks. Only Creedy remains, who was busy reloading his gun while the rest of his crew were compromised. V focuses on Creedy as Creedy begins emptying the chamber of his gun a second time. V continues to march forward, much to Creedy’s astonishment.

“Die! Die! Why won’t You die?!!”

“Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask are Ideas, Mr. Creedy. And Ideas are bulletproof.”

V closes the last few feet between his Self and Creedy, grabs him by the neck with his hands, and lifts him as high above his head as his arms Will reach before squeezing the last breath of Life from Creedy’s lungs. As We see Creedy’s legs flailing as Life leaves his body, We are reminded of the demise of Guy Fawkes at the beginning of the film. What One does unto others, Shall be done unto them – that is the whole of the Law.

Alright, so all the bad guys are taken care of, We just have a few small details remaining with respect to V’s Revolution. I had considered making this Post a little longer to finish the series tonight, but I Will Wish to summarize the film when We’re done anyway, mostly to point out why I decided to do this ‘interpret-a-Sean’ and its relevance to what’s going on in Our Macrocosm right now. I Will absolutely conclude this series next week with a final summary, so please stay tuned for that.

Until next time, thanks so much for joining Me.

Love and Blessings,

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