Volume CLXXXVII: The Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Government Fraud Exposed by British Medical Journal

Hello every One, and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me! I am feeling very Lucky for a couple of reasons today, one of them a little more personal and close to My Heart, the other is a recent publication in the British Medical Journal exposing the fraud of governments all over the world regarding Our recent ‘plandemic’ – and I have no problem calling it that now, because that’s exactly what it is.

The other ‘Lucky’ event of My Wednesday was a beautiful, out-of-nowhere email from My Brother who Will always be one of My most favourite People in the world, even when We’re not getting along as famously as We have in the past. I started Writing My Brother a few months ago and wasn’t really sure if he would reply because the whole estate matter caused a major rift in family relations. He did, and I was so thankful. Today was the first time I have received an email from My Brother since the estate matter that was not a reply to an email of My own. It’s also a full moon today, so it seemed perfectly Magical and really made My day.

I was also feeling very fortunate and Lucky even before I received the email from My Brother because last night was the final webinar of the course I’m taking which is primarily focused on holding elected officials accountable for their crimes against humanity – and make no mistake about it, doesn’t matter what country You are in, all the world’s governments have been pandering to globalist agendas with complete contempt and disregard for the well being of the world’s People.

As it turned out, the webinar was not automatically scheduled to send out reminders and log-in info, so I emailed the organizer and was as King if the webinar had been cancelled. It wasn’t, and a new link was sent shortly before the time the webinar was scheduled to start but didn’t get out in time for other participants to log in. Long story short, I finally got to connect with the organizer one on one for the first time and We chatted for over an hour and a half. I’m very excited and motivated about doing My Part to hold these treasonous criminals accountable for their actions.

I also had the opportunity to pick the brain of a Man I have tremendous respect for, and there was far less constructive criticism of the actions I’ve taken so far than I was expecting. In fact, it seems as though We struggle with the same main issue – each of Us are only one Man, and We can’t very well sue everyone in government, so it’s really about picking and choosing the battles We Wish to wage and encouraging as many other People as We can to follow suit, and coaching those who may be somewhat less well versed with respect to Our inherent rights. It’s really Good to be tall King with some One who clearly knows and understands that rights are not Given to People by government; rights are inherent, and the codes, statutes and acts are allegedly legislated to protect those rights (which is also why no code, statute or act has the force of Law to trespass upon a right).

Unfortunately, I am struggling with My homework assignment a little, which is to find out exactly what Emergency Measures Act is in place in Ontario, and under what order (specifically) the government of Ontario are imposing. The Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act seems like the right kind of document, but that’s not where the vaccine passport mandates are coming from, and the state of emergency in Ontario has been lifted, so the Act I’ve included here is not even applicable (and I’m guessing none of the ‘Orders’ are, either). There is a whole page of various orders that have been in effect, but every single one of them is only applicable in a state of emergency anyway. The upside however, is that the onus is really on the government to show Me where they believe they have the legal or lawful right to impose vaccine passports, so I suppose at some point I Will be referred to the order when I place state actors on notice of civil and criminal liability.

I got a head start when I received the community newsletter from Laura Dudas, the deputy mayor of Ottawa, and placed her on Notice of Civil and Criminal liability on Saturday, October 16th. You can take a look a the Notice here.

And, I figured since I was quoting the Nuremberg Code and some of the Principles of the Nuremberg Code, I would also contact the Nuremberg Academy and see what they have to say regarding holding elected officials accountable for crimes against humanity. I thought there might be a formal complaint process or investigative committee or something. I was very pleased to receive an informative and prompt reply to My email.

I’m sure many of You Will find the email as informative as I did. The Nuremberg Code and the Nuremberg Principles are two very different, though related documents/events. But this is all very Good News because it almost seems as though there are no coincidences in the Universe (facetious, We know there is no such thing as coincidence), as the British Medical Journal has just published an article denouncing government all over the world for denying the scientific data and proceeding with a vaccine mandate they know to be harmful and ineffective. You can watch the full video here, and it’s not on YouTube so it won’t be removed by the propaganda machine. 😉

Finally, there IS a video on YouTube that hasn’t been removed that I find very… Curious? It’s all about what really happened in the Wuhan lab, and even discusses the possibility and probability that China was war King on a biological weapon, whether or not that biological weapon was Covid is still up for debate – but We know how My Words manifest, don’t We. Oh, it’s also worth checking out because it discusses the W.H.O. involvement in covering up the pandemic, allowing it to spread, and willfully disseminating false, misleading information.

Wow, I gotta go ’cause I’m getting this one in just under the wire!!!

Love and Blessings!!!

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