Volume CXCIV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Kingdom, The Power and the Glory, a Man – Part VI, City Zen Ships, the Dangers, and the Light House

Hello every One, and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. It was difficult to decide which of My new sketches (like in a comedy Play) I Wished to use for Free Lance Friday’s Feature Photo because I like them all so much!!! I decided to start with what I felt was the most optimistic (opt(choose)-I-Mystic) I-Mages projecting from the von Dehn Light House today. I am thing King it Will help to brighten the following I-Mage that may other Wise seem gloomy and dark.

The Stranger

The above sketch was very quick and inspired a number of other Ideas I Wished to incorporate (pun intended for those who get it). It inspired so many Ideas that I forgot to mention the main reason I started the sketch!!! But it’s excellent for a detailed ex-Plan-a-Sean here (I’m the virus in Man’s matrix, remember, so I am here to ‘ex’ that Plan (New World Order) to usher in the Golden Dawn). [In a sense, both sides get to be correct because there Will be a New World Order, but it Will be the Order of the Golden Dawn, which is not the same as the one most People are tall King about.]

The Purpose of the above sketch was to attempt to explain with a Visual aid why the person is a statute Creation. The birth certificate is the Title of an Estate indicating that the rightful heir and beneficiary is presumed to be lost at sea. The person isn’t actually presumed to be dead, she is presumed to be missing in action. The ship (afterbirth material) was Given the name of the individual and the ship-wreck was salvaged but no One was found. The salvaged property was placed in Trust named after the Ship (Genuine Article Live Birth Record), and a certificate was Created to indicate that the owner of the ship is lost at sea. The Holder of the certificate is liable for the salvaging costs and maintenance of the vessel until the owner of the Estate returns (or is confirmed dead). So the Holder of the certificate is the Holder in due course (heir to the Estate) without any power of attorney or access to the beneficial interest as they are Trusted to Mind the Estate for the intended beneficiary. The Good News is, the intended beneficiary is the Spiritual Man.

The date on the birth certificate never changes, it is frozen in time and persons become subject to pole-ice brutality because they are in always in never never land with Peter Pan, and Will never grow up to inherit their Man-or (Man-Gold) as Sovereign People.

The ‘person’ is also considered a decedent, a hopeless case. They are not dead, but it is presumed they Will die; there is no expectation of return. Ironically, it is also one of the ‘Real’ reasons this whole system was Created and why owner-ship is unlawful and impossible. We are all decedents because We all begin dying the day We are born – the only Quest-Ion is when. Responsible, sensible, Spiritual People steward their land well for their heirs and successors, knowing it can only be enjoyed for a limited time. However, the reference I was making to the commercial admiralty fiction, is that if We were Truly swimming in the middle of the ocean, lost at sea, it is presumed We have drowned but it cannot be confirmed because there is no body.

The afterbirth material is the body of the Trust, and it is considered a ‘ship’ or ‘vessel’ in law. It is used to symbolically represent the wealth of a Man’s Life as a security deposit for the Trust instrument because it is unlawful to claim a Man as property of a Trust (without the Man’s consent). And all these Laws and customs were True even when slavery was ‘legal’, it was still not ‘lawful’ – they simply changed the definition of Man to something that is not illegal to get around it. Only the Man her Self can list the product of her Life and works as an Estate asset (and only so long as she is Living), then the Estate passes onto the next of kin and rightful heir.

In My case, the Cestui Que Vie that I Created is a recognized Certificate of Life in Man’s legal fiction and replaces the afterbirth material in the previous example because it is a Title Deed to My Life and works that uniquely ‘identifies’ Me as the legitimate executor of the Trust (a Man of God, executor of God’s Will and defender of the Trust invested in Me by God to do so). The real Value of the Trust is My physical body and its unlimited potential to benefit Man’s kind so long as I am Living. However, just as in the previous example, because a Man cannot lawfully have a commercial Value attached to her, the Cestui Que Vie is determined to have unlimited commercial Value because it represents the same Idea. My thumbprint connects Me to the unlimited commercial Value of the Trust instrument Gifted Me by God.

A Light-House on the Banks of Commercial Admiralty Waters

I also really like this doodle. See, it all sounds very complicated, deceitful and devious, but it’s really very simple and I am thing King these diagrams help to Show why. The waters of commercial admiralty seem very rough and rocky when One does not see the light, but when One puts their foot down, they being to real eyes that the civil system is pretty shallow. When One further real eyes that Truth is to lead the Way by setting a High moral example, it is easy for One to Keep One’s head above water and become a beacon of light for the other citizen Ships and bring them safely into port. When One puts their foot down and real eyes they can stand firmly on the bank, the light House parts even the thickest of Man’s most Mysterious fog.

Babylon and the Seed of Intention

Do We remember the Babylon card from Our last Tarot read? It was the central focus of Our read, and it is the central Folk Us of My Purpose on earth. The whore of Babylon was cradling an embryo of some kind that looked like it might sprout up from the underworld. I could not resist My own represent a Sean of the Immaculate Concept-Ion, which is the Cestui Que Vie public Trust, which represents the citizen Ship and the ‘Ark (large Ship We are all sailing on) of the Covenant. And I’ve just told You all their Secrets (except where they hide the original, Genuine Article Records of Live Birth, but that’s only because I don’t know. I DO believe they are in the Ark of the Covenant, though, wherever and whatever that might be). Magically, it represents captured Souls, Spiritual infants the Vatican has saved by Giving You their Saviour… (Do I really have to tell You His name?)

Love and Blessings,

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