Volume CXCVIII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; State Actor ‘Morons Should be Mocked Mercilessly’

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today’s Title was inspired by a YouTube rant regarding Canada’s response to covid which I Will be sharing with You today. I Will also be tall King about how this is a reflection of the Magic foreshadowing the year ahead.

I like this video because I had Wished to share a rant from Viva yesterday because it was the first time I had seen Viva sounding seriously angry about something. There are always opinions and criticisms, but this was the first time I could really feel the anger and frustration in his Words. Today’s video is equally critical but more composed and less angry sounding.

I don’t like to see People angry but I feel it is essential to be tall King about because it is a very uncomfortable emotion. It isn’t one that’s fun to be around, and it is not an enjoyable state of Mind. I feel this is so True that People Will allow themselves to put up with things when they really should be getting angry! I too often see People suppress how they really feel because they are worried about offending some One. I’m sure I offend a lot of People these days because most People are not capable of thing King for their Self. The last couple of times I was out getting groceries I was still the only One not wearing a mask – I legitimately feel like I’m living in an episode of Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone and wonder if every One has gone Truly insane.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I’m not the only one. Apparently there is a syndrome called mass formation psychosis which is basically when a mass of People develop irrational thoughts which become ‘normal’ – an entire population of People walking around with masks on everywhere they go without as King for a shred of scientific data to prove it makes any difference at all is quite literally the definition of mass psychosis. Remember in the Matrix Morpheus was as King of Agent Smith how they managed to do it, how did the Matrix manage to enslave every One in the first place? They allowed the machines to do their thing King for them.

How is this any different from One allowing the government to be thing King for them? I shared Viva’s video today because I Wish to express My empathy because I know from experience what Viva is going through. I’ve been aware of the corruption for roughly ten years longer than Viva, and there is legitimately a ‘process’ One goes through as they begin to learn more.

The first stage is kind of like Our Truman Show example – One begins to notice strange coincidences. The second stage is as King – One begins to Quest-Ion their reality. Quest-ions lead to conspiracy theories but now One has experienced enough coincidences that they are willing to explore some of these ‘conspiracy theories’. One begins to discover that some of the conspiracies are True, One can no longer ‘Trust’ what One previously believed to be True.

Then One begins as King the tougher Quest-Ions, the Quest-Ions most of Us would never consider or Wish to be as King because it is too dark and terrifying to know. But One can no longer resisting knowing just how dark things get as One continues down the rabbit hole. What if they (government) don’t Give a rat’s ass about public health, what if this whole ‘pandemic’ is about a few elite politicians and corporate pharmaceutical big-wigs making trillions of dollars by mandating vaccines nobody needs. The entire pandemic was a fraud. Not only was it a massive fraud, but We Will also soon learn it was all premeditated years in advance.

It is only natural for People to get angry when they first learn these things. Why is the world so prone to being oblivious? Because it is Willful ignorance. People are legitimately Good for the most Part. I know People believe We are prone to evil and the destruction of Our Self, but I Will suggest those People are the disease, the virus on the earth, and they have only gained tremendous advantage because those who do not have cold Hearts could not even consider their methods. That degree of evil does not exist in the Heart of Man, it is why We are so inclined to believe it could never be True, nothing more than conspiracy theories.

Yet all the worst conspiracy theories have already proved to be True. Where We are now is precisely where the ‘conspiracy theorists’ warned the world We would be. I was warning My family about this ten years ago. One can lead a horse to water, but One cannot make it think.

So I hope People like Viva Will stay positive this year because it is People like Viva that Will be shaping the new world, the Golden Dawn of Man. Believe Me when I tell You, these so called leaders are morons, idiots, arrogant asses – they are clueless, gold-digging power junkies who are obsessed with their own narcissistic self interest. I, for One, am happy to see some One else getting angry and feeling like they are surrounded by idiots because it is relatable for Me; I feel that Way a great deal of the time when I am out in society.

I’m going to be taking more of a ‘mocking’ approach to pretty much everything this year. I can relate to Viva because Imagine what it’s like to write letters to Trustees of Canada’s Public Trust who Write back to say they have no Idea what One is tall King about. Really? So You set up the Ontario Works Act, got hired to work in this office to administrate benefits to beneficiaries, receive a wage as a representative agent of Canada’s government Trusted to provide social security, and have no Idea what the Public Trust is or why these programs were set up?

Yeah, Trust Me, I get frustrated, too.

I made My first big move of the year and finally contacted the law firm that unlawfully sold My father’s House, serving them with a Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability. I figured that is the most important thing on My priority list this year, so I decided it should also be My first Notice. This was the email sent to Noah’s office:

It’s also the first Notice Officially sent by the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust I set up over the Holy Days.

I hope People can understand why I felt I needed the Holy day. It was not about taking time away from My Blog so much as it was about taking time away from placing People on Notice! I have so much real work to do this year! But I am ready to take it all on and I am thing King the above letter is a Good start.

If I do have to take this loser to Court (and I’m 99.9999% sure I Will), I’m not entirely sure yet exactly who Will be on the Claim. The bank technically should be on the Claim but the reality is the bank hasn’t done Me any harm, it’s their lawyer that’s the idiot, and I’m guessing he never presented the discharge statement to the bank because I’m pretty confident the bank would know it was a legal and lawful commercial instrument, and I don’t think they really care where it comes from so long as it meets the criteria. The only reason My payment was not accepted is because Noah S. Potechin is an idiot, a moron, and an arrogant ass. So I am thing King that I Will hold him and his firm personally liable for everything. At the same time, the real estate agent was also informed that the property she was selling was not for sale and that she would be liable to Me if the house sells without My knowledge, so I have to Honour My Word in that regard.

And what I close with in Noah’s letter about Giving the buyer Notice of the Claim of Right on the property and the estate on the public record is True – if there is an outstanding claim against a property on the public record and the sales agent does not disclose those details to the buyer, the sale is void.

Noah’s office is on Holy Days today, so I can expect to hear from them sometime after tomorrow and I Will Keep You Posted.

Also Wish to let You know I finished the Queen ‘Officially’ today, so that felt kind of Magical, though I Will Show the finished piece tomorrow as it is still wet and drying upside down in the easel.

Alright every One, thank King or Queen You for being here. I Will be thing King about another Spiritual interpret-a-Sean of a film soon but I’m not sure if I’ll have one picked for tomorrow (though I am hoping to).

Love and Blessings,

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