Volume CXCVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Premier Ford’s Pandemic Fraud Doesn’t Fool Daughter

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here. I do have a Fabulous Friday for You today that is in harmony with My Free Lance theme to Focus on Fun (with a dash of Word Magic mixed in for Luck). On One Hand, the world is crazier now than it has ever been and there are probably very few People who would dispute that point. On the other Hand, the world is so insane, it’s impossible for a sane Man to take it seriously anymore. In My personal opinion, One of the best things We can do, is draw attention to the insanity and turn it into a satire. I mean, are We really supposed to be taking any of these so called authorities seriously anymore? That’s more laughable than their management of the plandemic.

Ooops, did I Write ‘plandemic’? Must’ve been a typo I’m too lazy to fix. But come on, You know the mainstream media must be trying really hard if they can’t even convince the premier of Ontario’s daughter that there’s a very real and serious threat taking place. Krista knows the whole thing is a scam and her boyfriend is now an ex-police officer because he chose not to go along with the vaccine mandate. Interesting how mainstream media and ‘journalism’ has become nothing more than a propaganda machine. No interview with Krista to get the gritty answers as to why she holds these beliefs, no praise for her boyfriend for refusing to be coerced into taking a medical procedure he did not feel was in his best interest for whatever reason!

You can read an article about Krista here, though I warn You it was Writ by the mainstream to discredit the Honourable young lady trying to warn You about the corruption of her country’s government as the daughter of a provincial premier. This isn’t exactly Good publicity for Ford, but in My opinion, soon enough People Will begin to real eyes they should not believe anything they believe in mainstream media and probably about ninety percent of what the conspiracy theorists are saying (because right now the conspiracy theorist’s track record is looking pretty impressive if not prophetic).

In the Spirit of Fun, I also Writ a new email to the city of Ottawa to welcome in the New Year and get things off on the right Note. The Title of the email is, ‘For Educational Purposes’.

One of the other things I Wish to share with You this Free Lance Friday is that although I do not have any News for You in the Way of a response to any of the emails sent this week, I do feel the Magic in the Universe. I can’t really explain it except to say that it might be called intuition or something – I can feel Universal energy. Sometimes I can feel it considerably more than others. I’ve mentioned feeling this Energy often around a full Moon or new Moon. It’s the same kind of Energy, except bigger – like a whole other jurisdiction bigger (to make a law metaphor).

Also, before I had even sent any emails or taken any Action of any kind this year, many of My public Notices have been reviewed several times. In fact, even the new emails I have sent received a surprising amount of attention. The email I Writ to Kitchener Collegiate Institute as King about the short story that was never returned to Me was downloaded several times within the first few minutes of posting – more times than the post itself had been viewed! And literally within moments after uploading the Post.

I hope You Will read My letter to the city and perhaps get a sense of what I mean by having a little more Fun this year and taking things a little less seriously while simultaneously getting more accomplished. Taking things less seriously does not mean putting up with the insanity the world is being subject to at the hands of these clueless morons posing as saviors in a Man-made crisis. Also, I mention in My email that the city has now bribed two judges (according to the Court of Record because in both cases no motion to dismiss was ever processed by the Court), and that the first judge was a well known advocate of the Salvation Army and their social programs published in their paper. I would not Wish for You to be thing King I would make such a thing up.

Judge Robert Beaudoin gave Zach a break, and spoke well of the Salvation Army.
Zach pauses and thinks for a moment before uttering these closing words:

“I wish I could thank him.” Salvation Army – Ottawa Booth Centre

Now You know why so many People were thing King I should have filed for an appeal the first time around. I’m not interested in an appeal because this Way dis-Honourable Justice Bobby Beaudoin’s Deeds are on public display for all the world to see just how much contempt the justice has for the ‘considerable’ presumption of impartiality entrusted to him as a court judge serving the Crown. I’m sure Her Majesty is delighted and Honoured by his representation of Her.

Oh, and I’ve discovered that another comment I made somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’ a long while back about Trudeau refusing to let the House see the top secret lab documents containing information on the Chinese scientists who were deported from the lab, may in fact prove to be True! Of course, this is not confirmed yet but I had [sarcastically] suggested that he doesn’t Wish to share those documents because they Will Show that they were war King on the very same virus responsible for the pandemic. Apparently, this theory is gaining some traction but I am as King of You to do Your own research. I just like to put the Magic of the Ideas out there and watch the Universe Miraculously put it all together. I am thing King We Will soon discover this is True. 😉

Also, there have been a few other big names indicted since the conviction of Gislain Maxwell, so as long as she doesn’t drop dead as a result of not killing her Self, it is entirely possible that a few more key People in the world’s most sinister circle of corruption Will potentially be brought to justice in the very near future, which Will have a very significant ripple effect particularly through mainstream media channels because I’m pretty sure that’s where most of them are hiding. I could be wrong but the Idea of mainstream journalists as propagandist psychopaths projecting their sickness onto others is too perfectly fitting a metaphor to be a coincidence.

Love and Blessings,

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