Volume CCIV: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; 6 is 9, Truth is a Fact Checked Seal of Approval

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition which Will be True to its name once again, thank King Your Royal Highness for the Gift of Your presence. I Will have a new Part to add to My Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded Interpret-a-Sean later this evening (I’ll be war King on it as soon as this Post is published), but there is other Good News taking place in the world that I Wish to touch on first.

The next quote is long but I Wish to share it with You because I feel it is very important. A few weeks ago I mentioned that a criminal investigation had been launched into the government response to the pandemic which includes mandated masks, lockdowns and vaccines that are proving to be dangerous and contain undisclosed toxins (which is a violation of the Hippocratic oath for doctor’s) . In fact, I even shared this QR code so that People can look into this themselves and request additional information if interested.

I haven’t been tall King about it much because I’ve been following this quietly in My Microcosm for a while. I heard rumours of this plan months before I heard anything about the information provided above. There are several lawyers and law firms involved (as well as several scientists, doctors and specialized experts) and I’ve been watching them send out letters to vaccination clinics, city council members, members of parliament, schools and other relevant facilities and individuals in the form of Notices, and I’ve seen a few of the response letters which mimic the same phrases parroted by mainstream media implying there is no investigation taking place, this is all just ‘misinformation’. So that is the purpose of today’s Post because that’s simply not True. Before I share the lengthy quote with You, let’s look at the link that was provided by Facebook when I Posted the QR code above.


Really? This is what makes this so interesting because for those who don’t know, Mark Zuckerberg has been in Court regarding their ‘fact checking’ campaign and were forced to concede that they are NOT verifying facts (or even suggesting they are qualified to do so), they are simply sharing their ‘opinion’, and their ‘opinion’ is protected by Facebook policy. So clever, no?

Facebook ‘fact check’ confirms there is not an international investigation taking place, while the very first paragraph of the ‘fact check’ confirms that there is! 6=9 Here’s what is says:

“Though a complaint regarding the U.K.’s vaccination program has been filed with the Metropolitan Police, there is no active investigation, according to a spokesperson for the police force.”

Check Your Facts

This is how they get [uninformed] People. What have I said is the very first process in any Common Law procedure? Filing a complaint. Once a complaint has been filed and a reference number has been Issued, an investigation is officially taking place – legally and Lawfully! The investigation cannot be completed until all the information submitted has been reviewed and responded to. In Order to throw out the complaint or dispose of it legally and lawfully, they (police) Will have to respond to every concern in the complaint and provide their reason for failing to prosecute (in the event that they don’t). If they don’t, then they become liable for failing to investigate such a serious issue.

The fact is, if a complaint is filed with a local police force and it is NOT investigated (“there is no active investigation”), then what We now have is Willful criminal negligence causing gross public harm, and the lawyers are recording all of the responses and adding them as additional information to the very real and very active police file as further evidence of the mainstream media’s determination to mislead the People and bury this Issue. If one reads the above article, they are using Word Play as the spokesperson says ‘while the assessment continues, no crime has been committed and no investigation has been launched’.

Assessment is just a fancy Word for investigation, and if several high profile individuals are connected, they Will wait until they have enough information to make mass arrests, and take whatever time is necessary to coordinate the manpower and strategy to do so. It is in their best interest right now for politicians to not take this seriously so that they can continue to collect evidence that Will put them all away for Life (and coordinate arrests in such a Way that they can’t run and hide when they find out what’s going on). In the meantime, all offices that fail to respond to these very real legal and lawful notices are having their replies added to the investigation as conspirators to the fraud. This is the latest example added to the investigation file and is a VERY typical reply:

“Thank you for reporting this incident. These letters and similar emails from a Yorkshire based law firm called Broad Yorkshire Law are examples of a number that have been delivered to a large number of vaccination sites/vaccine providers and schools believed to be involved in the vaccination programme.

These letters/emails are designed to intimidate staff and adversely affect the vaccination programme. The threats of legal action directed at staff have absolutely no basis in law and the claim that the SARS CoV2 injections are under Police investigation pursuant to crime reference number: 6029679/21 is false. Staff should be assured that the vaccination programme is completely lawful and has the full backing of the British Government and the British Legal system and these threats of legal action should be ignored.

When dealing with letters and emails of this nature, please remember:

• Not to engage directly: misinformation narratives and tactics flourish when they are responded to and experience shows that any formal responses will be followed by even more anti-vaccination communication.

• Acknowledge receipt: if a response is needed, simply acknowledge receipt of concerns. (Only if absolutely necessary in order to diffuse any potential conflict)

This information has also been forwarded to the relevant Government organisations for their information and action. Thank you for taking the time to report this incident which we have logged and closed this incident on our records.

Thanks again and if you require further assistance or guidance in relation to security related matters please don’t hesitate to contact NVOC and I will be happy to assist”

Notice how they use the very same ‘gaslighting’ techniques used by Ontario Works when I placed some of their staff on Notice of Civil and Criminal liability?

“These letters/emails are designed to intimidate staff and adversely affect the vaccination programme.”

The fact is, they have not been legally ‘ordered’ to stop using the vaccines but it is True that an investigation into the harm they are doing to the People of the UK is taking place, they are more than competently able to pick up the phone and KNOW that a complaint WAS filed, and One would be thing King One Will have a moral duty and obligation to halt all vaccines until the investigation is complete, even if the chances of any foul play are very slim. Some People who have been jabbed can literally affix metal objects to their body because they are magnetic now!!! How cool is that? (Totally being facetious, tone doesn’t come out well in Blog Posts.)

So, the first point I Wish to stress today is that this ‘Fact Check’ business is Truly one of the best examples of 6=9, though in this case it is in ‘Fact’ 9=6. ‘9’ is the trick because it’s 6 upside down. Six is peace, Love, home, community. Nine is death and destruction, a dying aeon. So here, ‘Fact Checked’ = untrue, when it should = True. Trucker protests are an ‘illegal’ occupation even though it is perfectly lawful, while the government mandates are ‘legal’ but entirely unlawful. 6=9.

I was thing King this Will make a Good preview for today’s Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded series later tonight as 6=9 is one of the major themes not only for Our film, but essentially the entire Age (Aeon) of Pisces (69) is the ‘upside down’ world, more Commonly known as the underworld or ‘Babylon’.

Finally, before I Sign off, here is a member of Canada’s [now ex] RCMP officer who is tall King about the Oath he Swore to protect, and how Canada’s constitution is the Highest law of the land. He is NOT incorrect.


Love and Blessings,

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