Volume CCVII: The Magical Motive a Sean Edition; 03/07/22, Happy Name Day, Dad

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King Your Royal Highness for being here, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today does feel like a Magical Monday in Deed because despite knowing My father’s name day (what most call a birth day) for as long back as I can remember, it was always ‘March 7th’ in My Mind. I had never really considered that March is the third month. What’s Magical about that? Well, My Divinely Magical number is 37. It’s like a Sign God (or the Universe or whatever One Wishes to call it) uses to communicate important Ideas that point the Way (remember Neo consulting the Oracle in the first Matrix to find his Way?) in My microcosm. The other major Motive a Sean today is to shed some light on the false media and provide a little more propaganda policing, though I Will not be getting into anything too deeply, I Will be sharing a couple of videos.

Let’s start this most Magical Monday with a video from Florida governor, Ron DeSantis. I haven’t said much about the Florida governor and that is somewhat surprising because he’s been doing a lot of great things for the People of Florida. I’m cautious to Give too much praise to any One because every One is Playing a Part on the world’s Stage and it can be difficult to know who might be what’s called ‘controlled opposition’. For the Record, I don’t believe that is the case for DeSantis but I really don’t know that much about him, I just like a lot of what I hear here.

This next one may be a little more alarming but is extremely important and highly recommended viewing so long as it is available. This is one of the international news networks currently being censored by some countries considered ‘hostile’ toward Russia. I’m sharing this because I mentioned near the beginning of this that I had heard rumours that Russia had received intel on a bioweapons facility in Ukraine. Allegedly, the rumour I heard was that it was a ‘special operation’ by Russian forces to remove the bioweapons facilities and expose their crimes. Here, much of this rumour appears to be substantiated and they say Russia Will be releasing more information soon.

(Video now unavailable for Canadian viewers.)

But the alternative news story goes even deeper. Apparently this is all just part of a much bigger covert US operation in Ukraine that involved taking over their government and installing US agents to launder money from businesses in Ukraine. I’ve heard rumours recently of more of this information being revealed by investigations into Hunter Biden, his laptop, and dealings in foreign countries.

Other Good News I can tell You about on the world stage is the international criminal investigation. Recently, the police station, Hammersmith (which was one of the first police stations to begin investigating the complaint) has assigned a special liaison officer to accept reports of injury (adverse events) from People who were not informed or warned of the risks. The UK has also paid out over 75 million pounds in damages for adverse events reporting. Although it may have been an old school rap song by Public Enemy, they did say that,

“The Revolution Will not be televised.”

Public Enemy

When We consider the mainstream media of Man’s Macrocosm, the Words seem more prophetic now than ever. The State Actors are never going to get on mainstream media to announce in a press conference that their response to the plandemic was pathetic and demonstrated gross incompetence and negligence causing irrevocable harm to Canada’s People for generations to come, We have to let them know and hold them accountable (lawfully, of course). But they Will Wish to hide information to divert One’s attention and stop People from Writing their letters by causing them to lose focus on the real problem. Here is an example of just how serious the mainstream media is.


Alright, with all that out of the Way, I Wish to return to the Magic of My day. Not only is 03/07 My father’s name day, this year would have been his eightieth name day if he were still here. And it is My father who Gifted Me with the Sacred name of My House which I Will carry with Me for generations (providing I have heirs, of course).

I’ve been war King to Honour My father on earth as Commanded Me by God, though many have been war King equally hard to stand in My Way. I don’t just believe that My Brother and Sister have no interest in Honouring My father or his Wishes, they don’t know or understand what that means even if they did.

Today I was going to be sending Noah and Laraine a final bill to Celebrate My father’s name day, but there really is no need. The amount Noah Will be liable to Me for Will be equal to the real estate value of the House at the time the funds are deposited with the Court or paid out to the Beneficiaries, whichever comes first. The fine amount is really just a deposit on the total amount owing which is undetermined until the damage is done – that means whenever the Estate is turned over to My father’s attorney (Me).

The reason there is no need is because the Court was Given Notice that Noah and Laraine are threatening the Beneficiaries with further economic harm to the Estate if they do not make an application to the Court. Noah was to deposit the funds with the Court in 30 days if no application was made, and no application was made. He has now privately emailed My Sister and threated to further withhold the funds if she does not make an application to the Court.

So I find it hard to believe the application Will go through the proper due process of the Court because none of that is going to sound very Good to a Court justice. My Sister making an application to the Court doesn’t make Noah any less liable to the terms and conditions he is subject to for doing so. Finally, I can’t Imagine People Will be able to stop these Quest-Ions from coming before a Court forever! My legal arguments have never been rebut inside or outside of a Courtroom, but People tend to get away with it a lot more easily outside of Court. I am thing King My Sister’s application Will not be as easy as she is thing King. Not only is she making the application because she was threatened, she also threatened and intimidated by Brother by swearing to hold a life long grudge if he doesn’t do what she says. Is it easier to see why it would be wrong to blame them and get angry with them about it?

The other thing I feel is worth noting, is that the Court does have something of a duty to make sure My Sister’s application is not approved at least until Noah and Laraine respond to the Notice or deal with Me directly. The reason why, is because My Sister Will be liable for any harm that has been done to the Estate from the time of My father’s death until the time she is appointed. If the Court doesn’t know that the Value has changed considerably, that property is now missing, that property has already been sold to pay debts, then they might be able to get something through the Court pretty quick. But if the Court knows that My Sister Will become liable for all the harm Noah and Laraine have done, I am thing King the Court’s duty to protect My Sister’s interests Will trump Noah’s hope that she might be appointed in My stead. Why would the Court compel My Sister to answer to Me if Noah can’t? That’s the Quest-Ion that Will essentially be before the Court.

I am thing King that My father’s name day, 03/07 may by a Lucky Sign in Deed.

Love and Blessings,

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