Volume CCXXV: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; The Prince of Wands on Fire

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Wonder-full Pleasure to have You in My House. It’s been a while, My Posting has been less consistent and erratic, yet I am war King very hard in My Microcosm, and less consistent Posting really just means that I have so much more to be tall King with You about when I do finally get around to it. Lots of Good News to catch You up on, so let’s get right into it!

First, let Us start with today’s feature photo.

A war King progress

You know, it’s kind of funny just how much I resonate with this Character – it’s My ‘identifier’ Card in the Thoth Tarot. On one Hand, One could argue it represents the very best of My True Character’s natural traits if I were to fully exploit all of My inherent Talents. Did You know it was once common to Gift a King or Queen (or similar leader of People) with ‘talents’, various unique Artisans from One’s culture to another? Would it not be wise to Honour the Talents God has Gifted One with? I am thing King so. On the other Hand, it is also the most ruthless, uncompromising and vicious Version (Verse-Ion in this Universal Product-Sean) of My Character. This Character does not put up with any non-sense (because non cents is worth less).

I didn’t Write another Matrix Interpret-a-Sean last Tuesday, and I am so genuinely excited to get back to it that it’s a little strange for it to keep alluding Me. Obviously, I can just force My Self to sit down and Write it. Last Tuesday started off rainy and overcast which was perfect for getting a Post Writ – so I did, thing King I would be back later in the day (early evening is usually when I like to do them) because rainy weather is perfect for Writing. But of course, the sun came back out shortly after I Writ My last Post and it remained beautiful for the rest of the day. By the time I was inside for the day and finished dinner, it was unlikely I’d get it done before midnight and I still had to tend to all of My plants – they drink a lot in hot weather.

I said I was going to do a Post about how to become famous, starting anytime. I’m still going to be Writing that Post, it’s in My Notes and Will be Titled ‘Temet Nosce’ (Know thy Self). Today I’m just Giving You a bit of an introspective preview. The fact is, I don’t really know why any One would Wish to be famous, I certainly don’t! I’m Writing the Post somewhat tongue in cheek because I’m less interested in fame than I am in fortune (which is saying a lot if One knows anything about Me). I’d pretty much like to remain anonymous with the exception of whatever lady I meet to raise a family and a few close, discreet Friends to have over for dinner and conversation from time to time. That is not an option for Me, I wouldn’t even know how to make it an option because who I [really] am is so hard wired into Me that it would just never be Me. I could never ‘Give up’ on the moral and ethical Principals I have (forget about God if You Wish) without Giving up who and what I am, how I identify with Self at the end of every day (or more realistically, in every Living moment). Most simply put, I can’t avoid My Destiny, despite the fact that I am not a helpless participant, I Will always take the Red Pill.

So I don’t Wish to get off topic too much today because today’s Post and what I’ve been war King so hard at in My Microcosm is all related. For Me, Painting is the hard work. It is ‘the thing’ God is always insisting I do, and whenever I do, the rewards are… Exponential, Fibonacci ratio? I’ll go with Fibonacci, he knew what he was tall King about with his Divine Ratio, it was used by Vitruvius and DaVinci, too.

The most Magical, Powerful new Post I’m Promising to Publish Giving Notice to State Actors is still something I am war King on, but this is all a big Part of My Role in this Universal Product-Sean. Eighty of them! That’s how many I am thing King God Wishes for Me to Paint, but I guess We Will see.

Yeah, I had pretty much the full collection out yesterday just to Show a few People who had been as King to see them. I know You can’t really make them all out here but don’t worry, there Will be plenty of time for all of that. The third from the right isn’t finished, it’s another one I’m war King on. I usually have at least two and sometimes as many as five or more canvases started. Some paintings never get finished.

The fact is, I have been busy war King in what I like to call, ‘The Sunshine Gallery – Nature’s Version’. I have also been engaging community coordinators for ‘The Haven’ community and have Officially been asked to host an Art Work Shop for children. I declined Hosting any Art Workshop that would not welcome any One in the community, but that does include children. That’s almost old news now, as the conversation took place last Lucky Wednesday, though I have Officially offered to host an Art Workshop and a Chess Club for two hours each per week.

It is a bit of work and a bit of a risk to take My Artwork outside with Me everyday, but all I can tell You is that it makes hearing the Voice of God that much easier. I don’t think I’ve ever had any One tell Me they don’t like to see Me sitting there painting. In fact, I would suggest I’ve spent about five or maybe six days out there now in total, and I’m already known well enough by People in the community that if People see Me out having a smoke without My Paintings, they are often as King of Me why I’m not Painting outside… ‘too hot today?’, ‘not in the mood today’, ‘too windy today?’, ‘where are Your Paintings?’.

Seriously, it’s like that and its only been a few times. What is perhaps most astounding for Me as the actual Artist, is that the finished paintings You do see… Only two of them were painted since I’ve acquired an apartment. The other five were painted while I was literally living on the streets. Somehow I managed to save them all, keep them clean and in Good condition. But that’s not even the most incredible Part. I am thing King I must have painted at least another twenty-five to fifty more that were sold, most for $100 or less. And just to put that in perspective for You, I sold the exact same style of paintings in an area called ‘Yaletown’ in Vancouver in the window of a hair salon I rented for $50/month for $500 each, and I sold an average of one every week. I eventually had to Give up the spot because I couldn’t paint fast enough to keep the window full. Interesting how much more People are willing to pay for a Painting hanging in the window of a ritzy salon than they are to Give the same money to a homeless Artist. I like to do these little social experiments just to amuse My own interest in human behaviour.

The fact is, this is the Magic that is My Motive-a-Sean. I can’t really Express why this Form of Magic is so Powerful, I can only say that it is in the same Way that every line of a Letter in Our Alpha-bet (which is on the Alpha-Mail) connects on a Page to form a Word, so too does every bristle of a brush filled with paint add to the Magic and Intent-Ion of a Painting to Create the overall affect the Image Will have on its Be-Holder. Paintings communicate Ideas without Words, which is even more Powerful because it is the language of the Heart (He-Art), and He Art in Heaven, so I should Art on Earth… My Magic breaks the Babalonian Spell and many Will be leaving Babble-On where People have no Idea what they are tall King about.

Jack White looking very Johnny Depp

So today I’m going to be leaving You with the last Portrait (pour-traits) I was war King on because I Will not apologize for not Writing more, even though I do often feel guilty when I don’t Post almost daily. There is a reason for My Procrastinate-Sean and frankly, it’s usually Me that refuses to listen and forces My Self to Write because I feel I should when I really just don’t feel like it. If I don’t feel like doing something, if there is no Passion in My Heart to do a thing, then the Universe does not care if I do it or not – so neither do I. It’s ‘the Universe’ that has been keeping Me from Writing as often as I typically do, and today’s ‘reveal’ is that it’s because the Universe Wishes for Me to enjoy as much time as I might have left being an anonymous nobody before it’s too late.

Also, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Art Exhibit-Sean’ is a real thing just like ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ is a real thing. I have not heard back from the City yet in regards to the other Letter I was tall King about that was distracting Me from drafting My Claim. I don’t worry too much when I don’t hear back from People anymore when the Respondent has a legal, lawful, moral and ethical duty to reply. But the fact is, I still haven’t dedicated a Post to ‘bragging’ rights which is something I typically don’t do but this time it is for a Higher Purpose. I Will still be Writing that Post (though God only knows when) but for now I’m just going to say that I don’t worry about People not responding to Me anymore, I’m more concerned about making sure I get the Letters they do not respond to returned to Me because they are that Valuable to God’s Plan and My Art Exhibit-Sean – they are Art-I-Facts of House von Dehn. People don’t dodge correspondence and fake filing applications with the Court because they are confident they can crush their legal opponent – and yes, I am using the Word ‘legal’ deliberately this time. Wish to know why? Because as the Creator of My Art, I can Title My Paintings…

Sean [Stephen] von Dehn

I own the Title ‘Sean Stephen von Dehn’, and now I can Show that the Title is for a body of land, a Portrait of My land-scape (Mind’s eye).

I used to head out as soon as the shade was off the Courtyard but now I wait until around four and stay out at late as I can into the evening. As much as I Love the heat, two o’clock in the afternoon is just too hot to sit directly in the Sun without getting exhausted too early. At four, it still feels very hot but the temperature is beginning to decrease. It’s a very pleasant Way to wind down the day, and I always seem to get more done when I’m war King outside.

Love and Blessings,

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