Volume CCXXXV: The Thank Full Free Lance Friday Edition; Three Blind Mice Walking into a Lion’s Den

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thank Full Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me for this extra Special Edition, You are My only Purpose for Writing. It really is a very Special Edition for You this Friday because I have a lot of Good News to share with You. Things I have been tall King about for a long time are finally beginning to come to Fruit-Sean. The News is so Good, that I was able to remove an International Public Notice against Ontario Superior Court Justice, the Honourable Sally A. Gomery. So I have plenty to be Thank Full for regarding that, and what the world can look forward to on November 08 when Three Blind Mice Will meet Me in Court a Motion hearing to dismiss.

First, let’s take another look at the really Good News that arrived on Lucky Wednesday of this week. Thank Fully, the Title of the document that was attached to the email from the Court is a spoiler, so I already knew the request was denied before opening. But honestly, Imagine what I was thing King when I saw that it was the Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery that was making the Endorsement! This is the only Justice I’ve ever placed on Notice for Breach of Trust and Abdication of her Oath to the Court, which was served upon the Court (Minister of Justice and Attorney General) – it’s not like the Justice didn’t know about it! I also advised the Court that if they Will hear My Motion (which was made ex-parte and included a response [from the Court] to the Defendants requisition to dismiss, indicating that the Requisition had been denied), Vacate the Order and suspend the Justice from further adjudication over the Matter, I Will remove the Notices.

The Court responded to Me the next day with instructions to serve My Motion materials on the Defendants and prepare a clean draft Order if there is no opposition to the Motion being heard in Writing. Well, I prepared all My Motion materials not knowing that they were no longer accepting physical documents at the Courthouse, and only had hardcopies. To add insult to My injury, they were beautiful, really, every bit as Good as One would expect from a lawyer. But to put the whole thing into digital format was not an easy task at all because it wasn’t prepared that Way! There was no ‘one’ Master document to print, each section of the Motion Record and Factum were separate documents/pdf’s I’d printed and put together in hardcopies.

So I basically just let the Matter go, but the point is, the Court Wished to hear from Me, they Wished to Vacate the Order. I had told the Court in My Motion materials that I do not hold the Honourable Justice accountable because defense counsel violated the Rules and Presented information that adversely influenced the Justice unfairly. The Justice had no idea that the Court had already responded to the Defendants request (because it was not filed with the Court) only to Me, and to balance the scales of Justice a little bit because they were also as King to not be noted in default. The Court basically told Me that they didn’t file their request with the Registrar, so I am free to note them in default. I was doing exactly that when a determination came in that the Court knew nothing about! It also came in on the thirty-first day and the Court would make sure to respond in plenty of time if they were intending to do so, the request was made (in violation of the Rules) the day after the Claim was filed.

This is an even Greater Gift now because I learned today that Christopher Crisman-Cox did in fact follow the Rules, this Requisition was made with the Registrar!

So why is filing with the Registrar so Significant if I still received no Notice that the Court was considering the Requisition to dismiss? Well, because the Court knows I’ve been through this before, so the Court knows I’m going to follow up with Christopher to find out why I didn’t receive Form 2.1A, and suggest he didn’t file with the Registrar in violation of Rule 2.1.01(6). It’s a valid Quest-Ion to be as King because the Rules are as follows:

(3) Unless the court orders otherwise, an order under subrule (1) shall be made on the basis of written submissions, if any, in accordance with the following procedures:

1.  The court shall direct the registrar to give notice (Form 2.1A) to the plaintiff or applicant, as the case may be, that the court is considering making the order.

Keep in Mind that in legal documents and the Rules of the Court (or really anything relating to official Court documents) Shall means must – not optional. Yet I received no Notice (Form 2.1A).

Can One see how the Courts can speak to People in code? Either the Courts violated their own Rules by not directing the Registrar to Give Me Notice of the Requisition, or the Courts were not considering the Motion! The Courts are only required to Give Me Notice if they are considering making the Order. Remember, the Rules are very specific. What they are really telling Me, is that Christopher’s request was not even being seriously considered. To let Me know, the Court assigned this Matter to Honourable Justice Gomery as something of a Peace offering. There is no other explain a Sean because otherwise it would be a blatantly obvious conflict of interest and the Justice would be forced to recuse her Self. This was intent-Sean al. All Notices against Sally A. Gomery have since been removed from the public Record. See, I’m not so hard to get along with. But I’m pretty sure that’s what the Courts were as King Me to do. It was a coded apology, and King Sean, House von Dehn is bound to for Give.

But seriously, who puts Justices on Notice in the first place, never Mind having the same Justice assigned to hear the same Requisition for another Matter, Rule in their favour while the Notice is still on the Public Record!? Can People understand why I am so Thank Full! I wasn’t really thing King I’d ever have an opportunity to remove that Notice, but the Court Gifted Me with one. This was clearly deliberate and with intent. Thank You, Honourable Justice, Gomery.

I really don’t think any of My adversaries have any Idea what they Will be walking into on November 8th. Jenny Bogod has continued to be belligerent in her communications, addressing Me three times as ‘Mr.’ now!!! But all of this is Good for Me because it makes them look like hostile litigants. The Court was not considering Christopher’s requisition for a number of reasons that the Justice did correctly point out to him. The Rule does not apply after pleadings, so it Truly was not under consideration by the Court at any time. But if One files with the Registrar, they are paying for the Court to make a Ruling one way or the other, so Christopher Will be guaranteed to get an answer (unlike the City of Ottawa who allowed themselves to go into default by sending what they called ‘a letter Requisition’ under Rule 2.1.01(6) by as King in an email without making any official requisition with the Registrar).

I also mentioned previously that I was happy that every One had responded to the Claim because as soon as every One enters a Statement of Defense, technically, Rule 2.1.01 no longer applies. Again, another reason the Court was not considering the Requisition to begin with. Christopher is also disputing some additional points in his letter to the Court, and Rule 2.1.01 doesn’t apply if there are points of contention or if it’s clear that harm has been done, lest there is no Way to connect liability to the Defendents (no ‘duty of care’ is what I am thing King they call it). For Rule 2.1.01 to apply, it really has to be on the presumption that everything in the Statement of Claim is True, yet there is still no possible Way the Claim can succeed. There shouldn’t really be much in the Way of additional arguments, or it would be subject to another Rule.

Anyway, I can’t tell You how Thank Full I am for this news, because this really is a direct message to Me from the Court, letting Me know they don’t have any hard feelings about the Public Notices that I’ve Posted. And I’m hoping I’ve done My Part by taking them down and celebrating Canada’s Courts and Justice system. Remember, the Honourable Justice was deceived last time, and that’s not fair. Just like My sister and her lawyer have done to the Honourable Justice, Casullo.

Love and Blessings,

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