Volume CCXL: The Monday Motive a Sean Edition; My Bad Baby Brother

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is a Gracious Gift to My House.

We are only 10 days away from a most Momentous Motion day, where I Will finally have an opportunity to find out what is going on with My father’s Estate. The most baffling thing for Me at this point, is wondering why any of the lawyers believe the Motion to dismiss will succeed knowing that I was ambushed by all of this information in their Statements of Defense, had no knowledge of an Endorsement against Me dispensing with My sister’s requirement for a bond to ensure her performance in accordance with the Rule of Law and her fiduciary obligations, a new letter to the Court explaining why the second Endorsement is even necessary, and apparently another Affidavit sworn by My sister against Me – all of which I previously had no knowledge of whatsoever!!! And they really believe a Judge is going to be perfectly okay with all of this? Did Canada become communist China overnight and without any Notice to Me? Did I miss the memo?

In Canada, all civil cases are public, and all parties to any action or application have the right of full disclosure of all information relative to any determination that concerns a party’s interest. Has any of that been done in this Estate Matter? No. In fact, the Estate has now [allegedly] completely run its course, My sister has been awarded the Certificate (October 7th), yet there is still no Court of Record concerning this Matter!!! That is what We call Court fraud in Canada.

The Mind boggling part is that the responding parties to the Claim are shameless in sharing this new inform a Sean with Me, and presuming it is perfectly acceptable that I didn’t know anything about the Endorsement by Casullo, the new Affidavit sworn against Me by My sister, a new Letter to the Court, and that all of this doesn’t prove incontrovertibly and without any shadow of doubt that the Application served upon Me on March 24th was a document of fraud that Justice Woodley knew nothing about! All of it just proves that the Application was not filed with the Court and the Endorsement was not legally binding, or there would be no requirement for a new Endorsement! I mean, that’s plain as day obvious, right? They just Wished to make sure they could get the second Endorsement off the Record and without My knowledge so that I wouldn’t have proof of the fraud! It really is Mind numbingly stupid.

I’m also almost 100% sure that the Application Endorsed by Casullo is the same Application that was allegedly withdrawn, the Affidavit is likely the very same Affidavit, all just Sworn back onto the Record without My knowledge or consent, which is fraud by Way of Willful concealment. They Promised Me that both the Application and Affidavit defaming My Character and Blog were withdrawn. Now they are allegedly back on the Record without My prior knowledge? I Will not be the least bit surprised if every lawyer in this Matter is charged with contempt just for attempting to gaslight such a serious Matter, because all of them surely know this is fraud and are hoping they Will be able to get away with it because I’m what they call a ‘Self Presented’ litigant (actually, they Will call Me a Self ‘re-presented’ litigant, despite the fact that a Man cannot reproduce or re-Present him Self).

“Equity regards substance rather than form.”

Equity will not permit justice to be withheld just because of a technicality. Formalities that frustrate justice will be disregarded and a better approach found for each case. Equity enforces the spirit rather than the letter of the law alone.

Honestly, trying to have a case dismissed for frivolous and vexatious formalities Will only frustrate and irritate the Judge. Even after receiving My Reply Factum, Hala Tabl and her lawyer, Jenny Bogod continue to Present Me with a fraudulent Certificate of Appointment? It’s very straightforward, People – if it is not on the Court of Record, it is FRAUD – due process has not been had, NO process has been had because no document has been processed by the Court!!! It’s really that simple. All any of the lawyers have to do is look the Estate up in the online portal and they Will know it’s fraud. Yet they continue anyway.

Jenny Bogod has addressed Me as ‘Mr. von Dehn’ twice more since she was advised that I Will be as King of the Judge for $300k for the first three violations after already being Given Notice of Breach of Trust and contempt of My Trust obligations and Spiritual convict Sean’s! So We Will now be as King for $500k in fines for contempt against Jenny Bogod alone! Even I Will confess that is a lot to be as King for, but that’s precisely why I made the fine so high – to deter against any further breaches of My Trust and duties in relate Sean to it. It is Willfully antagonistic behaviour and it really doesn’t Matter what the subject Matter of a claim is, Judge’s don’t generally smile upon People who demonstrate Willful contempt for the dignity of their opposing counsel – it is childish, dis-Honourable conduct unbefitting of the legal profession.

But today’s feature photo is specifically related to My brother, and I must concede I have been somewhat naïve with respect to My opinion regarding his involvement. I still Wish to see My brother as the brother I once knew fifteen or twenty years ago. The Truth is, he is not that Man anymore. He cares about no One but him Self (and his immediate family, a wife and three children).

Last Thursday, My father’s best Friend, a Man named George, contacted Me on Facebook, telling Me he’s been reading My Blog and hopes I Win My lawsuit. I was as King of him if he knew anything about a Will My father may have left behind and mentioned that My Brother told Me that it appeared as though someone broke into the house and stole one (or was at the very least looking for one). George told Me it was My brother, and that he found him on the property, ransacking the house, papers everywhere, frantically looking for ‘any other Wills’ My father may have left behind.

Apparently, there was a Will, but it was unsigned. My father had only made the Will because George had convinced him he should. I hadn’t come to visit My father at this point, so he had no Idea what was going on with Me, had no relation with Tanja, and apparently had a major falling out with My brother and wanted nothing to do with him! I Will admit that I certainly never heard My father say anything like that to Me, but I also told My father a lot of really Good things about My brother. I told My father that Michael was the ‘trustworthy’ One, and if he were to make anyone a Trustee of his Will, it should be Michael. My father did tell Me that if he left a Will, he Will be making Tiffany his Trustee!

Now, don’t get Me wrong, I’m not necessarily happy to hear all of this, either, but apparently the actual Will My father had drafted at a law firm and completed with the exception of his Signature, was for the Estate to be divided into four equal parts. One for Tiffany, and one share for each of Michael’s children, 25% each. That was the only legal Will George said he ever saw, and it was never Signed, and was Writ long before I ever came to visit and help My father. I wasn’t mentioned in the Will, neither were Michael or Tanja.

The most important detail George Wished to emphasize, is that Michael was furious that My father had made Tiffany the Trustee and told George he was looking to destroy any Will that mentions Tiffany! He had no problem telling George that, either!!! I mean, don’t get Me wrong, I would most definitely have challenged any Will with Tiffany’s name on it, but I would NOT destroy a legal document or interfere with God’s Will. My father’s Will was God’s Will expressed through My father, and I told Michael right from the start that I Will challenge any Will that names Tiffany as the Trustee, but the main thing is to make sure Estate assets are protected until We figure all of that out. George told Me that Michael Wished to make sure there were no Wills remaining (and apparently George told Michael what he is thing King of him for his determination to do so).

George believes that My brother did destroy that Will, but now no One Will ever know. Tiffany was selling and snorting cocaine, using the house as a place to do business. George also said that the relationship between Tiffany and My father was legitimate, and that Tiffany was initially a huge help to My father, helping him with his business on the lake cleaning cottages for My father’s clients. My father had Given her the work to try and get her out of the stripping profession, and he met her at the funeral of another one of My father’s Good friends in Toronto, not at a strip club (as I had wrongly presumed My Self).

By the end, George agrees that Tiffany was taking advantage of My father, but Love is blind. He said there were roughly two years where the relationship was very Good and Tiffany was a huge help to My father. My father’s life and home began to crumble in synchronicity with the deterioration of their relationship.

What’s interesting for Me is that karma can really be a bitch sometimes, no? If Michael had really Wished to have nothing to do with the Estate (lie) the Will My father left would have absolved him of all obligations. Destroying that Will makes him liable and responsible by default! Trust Me when I tell You, God always has a Plan.

What angers Me the most about what I learned from George, is that Michael told Me that he believed George or Tiffany broke into My father’s place looking for a Will and destroyed it because they didn’t like what it said. Projection, anyone?

Yeah, I’m sure One understands the Significance of today’s feature photo.

10 days till Judgment Day and counting down…

Love and Blessings,

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