Volume CCXL: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; More of Michelle Murphy’s Lawlessness

Hello every One and thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. It has certainly been a most Thrilling Thursday in Deed, as We received a reply from Michelle L. Murphy of the Bracebridge Courthouse, and the outrageous antics of My sister’s previous lawyer, Hala Tabl continue to know no bounds! Once criminals begin scrambling to cover up their crimes, they are not think King clearly anymore and tend to make terrible mistakes – this is no except, Sean!!!

It’s Truly has been a Thrilling Thursday because I also received My link to Caselines to upload My documents, and the Zoom details Will be available shortly. I requested an additional Zoom link to make the Motion available to the public and have not received a reply thus far, which generally means there is no issue with My request. Generally, if the Courts can’t do something I am as King of them to do (for any reason), they Will let Me know. Except Sean of course is the Bracebridge Courthouse regarding My father’s Estate.

But that was only the first of a few exciting emails I would receive today. Remember when I said that the Certificate Issued was invalid and not legally binding because it does not have a CV number (Court file number) attached to it? Well, One could easily argue that it might be in My best interest to not share these details with You, not mention them to the opposing parties, and keep the inform a Sean to My Self until the Motion hearing – because it’s True! Obviously, that would be rather damaging for the defendants when I bring it up at the Motion, right? By telling opposing counsel that it’s not a legally binding Certificate because it requires a CV number to identify the application, it provides an opportunity to cover their tracks.

So the second email I received today was from Jenny Bogod for Hala Tabl, informing Me that,

“As you know, for some unknown reason the Certificate of Appointment issued by the Court in connection with the CAET Application did not initially bear a court file number.”

Jenny Bogod

Yes, I do know, and I sincerely believe that if I had never mentioned it, they wouldn’t have either. They believed I would be too stupid to know the Certificate requires a CV number, and would believe it had been Issued by the Court because it looks pretty Good and has the Court Seal on it. But that’s the whole point of fraud, really – to deceive an individual into thing King things were done that were not done. I believe My sister received the cash months ago, no application to the Court was ever required because they made a deal with the crooks who stole My father’s house to Give the money to My sister so long as she made an application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (she made the mistake of telling Me that in Our phone converse a Sean). It was necessary for My sister’s lawyer to ensure Tanja received the Certificate because I did not consent to Tanja’s legal fees for the application, and they’ve been billing the Estate. If Tanja doesn’t get the Certificate, then Hala can’t bill the Estate and who are We thing King is paying for all of these Applications that are not being filed with the Court? Yes, of course, My ever so generous Father.

I won’t get this Posted in time if I don’t Post now, but I may have a couple for the Freelance Friday Edition because I’ll be coming back to Write about the email from the Bracebridge Courthouse and the ‘Court of Record’ Michelle has been so kind to Gift Me with! Would You believe the only reason she didn’t get the files to Me yesterday was because she was unexpectedly away from the office? I don’t blame You, neither do I.

More to come soon, sorry to make this a bit of a teaser, it wasn’t intent-Sean-all, I had an unexpected visit from a Friend and was Pleasantly interrupted.

Love and Blessings,

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