Volume CCXLV: A Magical Reserve a Sean of Judgment on the Repute a Sean of Justice

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for inviting Me into Your House, it is always an Honour to be here. Today’s Title should aptly be followed by ‘in Canada’s Ontario Superior Courts’, but the Title was long enough already, even without the ‘Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday’ bit, but that’s always what it is whether Writ or not.

Today is the eve of three weeks that Judge Hooper has been reserving her decision on a Rule 21 Motion to dismiss The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim against My sister’s previous lawyer, Hala Tabl in an alleged Estate application for violating the Rules of the Court with criminal intent to trespass upon My right to disclosure, and to participate in the Application process.

The italics are with intention because they are the most critical elements to take Notice of. The craziest thing about their entire defense is that it is centered around the idea that the Claim is a conflict of interest because due process was already had in an Estate Application – an Application that doesn’t exist on any Court of Record because no documents were ever filed with the Court!!!! Hence the italics on process – if the documents are not filed with the Registrar, there is no processing of the documents by the Court. So the entire defense of Susan Sack at the Motion hearing was that the fraudulent Estate documents are proof that due process was had!!! And to Trump the audacity of My opponents at Law even further, they Present all of this (fraudulent, unfiled Court documents) information to the Court implying that none of this is news to Me! Most of the documents at the Bracebridge Courthouse that I’ve seen, were Created between the time I filed the Claim and the time of the motion hearing. They were Creating fake documents to match their story, and implying they were all filed with the Court, served upon Me, and that due process was had. The entire Story is a lie.

Keep in Mind, Presenting authentic looking bank documents or other fraudulent contracts to a Court may not be so apparent on its face because the Court Will not have intimate knowledge of those contracts without further information. But to Present fraudulent Court documents to a Court is like trying to cash the fraudulent check at the institution One is trying to grift. It’s like trying to sell a stolen bicycle back to its owner hoping they won’t notice it’s their own bike. All the Registrar at the Motion hearing has to do is enter the CV number into the system to find out if the Estate Application has been filed with the Registrar or not – if it’s not in the system, it’s a fraud. The Record Will Show when the last determination was made or major event (like the Issuance of a Certificate) just like it does in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim.

Every piece of evidence they Wish to Present against Me, is in fact proof of the cause of Action (as the legal system likes to call it) against Hala Tabl, and their (all three defendants) determination to trick Me into believing an Application was filed with the Court when one was never required for Tanja Johnson to receive the surplus funds from the bank. My sister happened to tell Me that by accident in Our last phone converse a Sean. Oops.

Yet the Judge takes three weeks to decide when the fraud is so plain and obvious? One can only presume the amount of time must be necessary to determine what sort of criminal penalties should be enforced against the lawyers attempting to perpetrate this known fraud on the Court. Otherwise, it doesn’t really make sense that the Judge Will take so long because who knows when Tanja Johnson really received the money, right? How do We know if she has any left? And now that Tanja Johnson has allegedly been awarded the fraudulent Certificate, any of the Beneficiaries can request to see a full audit of the accounting, including the necessary service of documents on My father before the bank can legally or lawfully proceed with power of sale. But of course, the defendants are now using this Claim as their reason for failing to provide Me with the same disclosure I was entitled to in the Estate Application in the first place!

And the Judge threatens Me for Publishing the Audio of the Motion Hearing while sitting idly by as My adversaries at Law perpetrate fraud and perjury on the Court with intent to pervert Justice and defame My Character? Federal, indictable offenses in Canada. Intent to take advantage of a Man to deprive him of his rightful property,(which includes My right to Honour My Father, God Given).

So You might Imagine why I might Wish to Reserve Judgment with respect to My Interpret a Sean of Judge Hooper. I really don’t take kindly to threats, especially from a Court Judge whom I am appealing to in defense of My rights against legitimate criminal fraudsters.

And I’m not even sure what the craziest Part of the Story is, because a legitimate Certificate Will need to be Issued by the Court at some point, so they can’t possibly hope to get away with the fraud forever anyway! But the antics don’t stop there.

My sister was the first one to tell Me that a Certificate had been Issued to her by the Court on October 17th. Because there is a Claim against her for exactly this Matter, all communicate Sean with Me should come through her lawyer – either Hala Tabl (if she’s still the lawyer for the Estate Application) or Neil Milton. My sister should not be communicating with Me directly, it’s antagonistic, especially when it’s to tell Me she sending the email to Keep Me up to date with the Estate when it’s the first correspondence from her regarding the Estate since I was as King for Notice of when the Application is filed with the Court (and still not done, though she has a Certificate now), and ten days after the fraudulent Certificate was Issued to her. I had to tell her it was a fraud and that a Real Certificate would have a CV number to identify the Estate. Not to worry, though – Jenny Bogod helped Hala Tabl perpetrate another lie by telling Me the Certificate was sent back to the Bracebridge Courthouse to be Issued a CV number – but We won’t find any receipts for the mail back and forth because it didn’t happen. They just Writ a CV number on the front of the Certificate they had, told the Bracebridge Courthouse to Write the same number on their copy, then the Bracebridge Courthouse photocopied the copy with the number to make it look like a photocopy of the original. Yep, Rosen Sack actually helped to perpetrate the fraud of their client to fool the Court. I guess We Will see if Judge Hooper is fooled by their fraud, I am Reserving Judgment of her Repute a Sean for the time being.

Any One who comes to the Court for relief and remedy for trespass upon an inherent right, reporting of federal crime and court fraud to perpetrate those violation with criminal intent, should not have to worry about being threatened and intimidated by the Judge One is reporting the offense to!!!

Something is not right about this Judge taking so long to make a decision, and so far, she’s done nothing but escalate the offences against Me and cause Me further harm by Way of her threats. I’m not the one Willfully misrepresenting two Superior Court Judges, that’s Hala Tabl perverting the Rule of Law. It’s Hala Tabl who violated Rule 1.09 in every single communication she had with the Court in the Estate Application process with deliberate intent to interfere with My testimony, which is judicial interference with criminal intent. Their intent is to cause Me harm, I have done nothing to cause harm to any of these outrageous, belligerent, arrogant adversaries.

The Good News is that I’m exposing some pretty serious corruption in Canada’s Courts, and all We’re really waiting on is to find out whether or not the Judge is complicit in the fraud, or if she is going to hold the fraudsters accountable. It’s not believable to consider that the Judge doesn’t know the Certificate is a fraud, the only real Quest-Ion is why she’s taking so long to do anything about it.

Love and Blessings,

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