Volume CCLIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Canada’s Criminal Culture – Abundant Corruption and a Message for Canada’s Courts

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your presence is always a welcome Gift in My House. Today I Will once again be sharing some inform a Sean from YouTube regarding Canada’s rapid descent into tyranny and fascism under the Trudeau regime. If any One is thing King I am joking or exaggerating, please take a look at what the though police are attempting to do to Jordan Peterson.

Wow, still showing ‘Video not available’. Strange that I can watch it but can’t share it on WordPress? I might have to contact WordPress to find out what is going on – I’ll keep You posted, hopefully most of You can see the video and Trudeau only censored for Canadian content producers? Your guess is as Good as mine, please comment if You have any suggestions.

I love the caption for this YouTube video,

“I Will make it all public”

Jordan Peterson

This is exactly what I was suggesting Jordan Peterson should do – go to this ridiculous, fascist, thought police review conducted by the college of psychology and record the entire thing! How much does One Wish to bet they Will threaten to charge Peterson with some bogus criminal offense if he ‘dares’ to record the meeting. Did I mention that the college is not only insisting that Jordan attend the meeting under threat of revocation of his license to practice clinical psychology (yes, this is really happening, a bunch of fat cat bureaucrats are going to ‘school’ a well respected doctor of clinical psychology on how to behave on social media platforms), they are also requiring that HE pays for the entire review!!! Crazy stuff People only hear about in countries like Korea? Is Korea this corrupt? I bet Ukraine is, why else would Canada be supporting their efforts? Oh, and don’t be confused by how they spin it in the media, ‘support for Ukraine’ is really double-speak for ‘at war with Russia’. But if they tell You that they Wish to wage war on Russia, Canadians Will not be so quick to support (what did Russia EVER do to Canada?).

This is quite literally an example of a country descending into fascism and a totalitarian dictatorship at the hands of an incompetent man-child they call ‘true-dough’. The little dictator is just as treasonous a traitor as his father, Pierre-Elliot who commit treason against Canada’s People by destroying Canada’s sovereign economy and allowed private banking interests to forever control Canada’s economy at an ever increasing interest rate (as well as a modest ‘service’ fee for printing the worthless paper People call money). A promise to pay is nothing but a debt until the promise is fulfilled, People!!! Canada’s treason against the Crown continues since 1867 (and the birth registration Act was ‘coincidentally’ legislated in 1868 – the Crown has to keep track of all the People who support the treasonous Acts of these traitors Trusted to expand the Glory of the United Kingdom [of God] but instead decided to keep it all for their Self. Good thing the Crown anticipated they would do this and had a fiat monetary system in place to Keep the real wealth of the Kingdom secure and unavailable to debtors owing allegiance to the Crown).

Some People say the economic system is kind of like an outdoor jail where One’s prison conditions are determined by how hard One is Willing to work. Getting a ‘job’ is akin to community service. If One does enough community service (war King for the Man), One can live quite comfortably in this outdoor jail system. But if One does not agree to community service for their crimes (it’s a life sentence, don’t You know), One Will be subject to homelessness, starvation and be lacking the nutrition necessary to sustain a healthy Life. Welcome to Canada!!! (And every other ‘Commonwealth’ country on the planet). Yes, the citizenship is really just a record of all the POW’s, or ‘prisoners of war’ aiding and abetting the crimes of the treasonous traitors (colonists) who defied the Crown and kept all the ships, wealth, Goods and skilled tradesmen for their Self! And, just to add insult to injury, they use all the Crown’s systems of governance, economics, judiciary, post all service and infrastructure, while simultaneously claiming ‘independence’!!! Yeah, very ‘independent’ Canada… I’m sure the Crown is very impressed with how much maturity You have since demonstrated, never Mind the magnificence of ‘State Actors’ morals and ethics. Justin Trudeau’s blackface comes to Mind, who could possibly be a better fit to lead a nation of millions? What a Stellar example for the People to aspire to – whatever would We need ‘the Crown’ for?

If it’s not obvious I’m being extremely facetious, forgive Me because tone doesn’t translate well in Written form.

Jordan Peterson is also ‘redacting’ his own documents to protect the identity of the People who have complained to the college about him. It’s amazing that a few random People, none of which were EVER clients of Peterson’s or students of the college can have such an impact that they Will retrain the Good doctor?! Seriously? How many People who complain about their public servants (who make six figure salaries and actually have legal and lawful obligations to Act responsibly when delivering inform a Sean to the public) even receive a reply, much less any ‘retraining’ of state actors, compensation or even an admission of wrongdoing? Did Justin Trudeau go to a finishing school of some kind after he was found guilty of ‘blackface’? Doesn’t he need ‘retraining’ on what is appropriate more than the Good doctor Peterson? I’m not sure if that EVER happens! But a couple of nobody’s can complain about an individual who has no obligation to them whatsoever and the institutions react promptly and agree to retrain him or revoke his license? What version of 1984 are We living in? Orwell was a socialist by the Way…

Jordan is tall King about how the institutions have become weaponized against the People and I’ve shown You all proof of it here. It’s now been eleven weeks since My sister’s fraud regarding an Estate application was made known to the Court, and still the Court has done NOTHING to apprehend the criminals, even after filing a motion of contempt for their crimes (and contempt of Court and the judicial process).

Canada Will use its institutions to harm Canada’s People if they oppose government, but no relief Will ever be provided for Charter violations to Canada’s People, and apparently fraud and perjury is perfectly acceptable on a Court of Record in Canada, at least as far as dis-Honourable Justice Jaye Hooper is concerned! Not taking action when a crime is reported, is to aid and abet the crime as far as I’m concerned. I haven’t placed the Judge on Notice yet, but We’ll see what happens at the case conference. Notice that the first memorandum regarding Issues for My upcoming case conference is very specifically requesting that no evidence be permitted in any motion hearings, no discovery of facts, and no deposing of witnesses (basically don’t be as King any Quest-ions because they Will not be Giving any answers, which is exactly the cause of action for the claim in the first place as any Man is entitled to full disclosure of any matter concerning his or her interests).

Jordan Peterson is not JUST a doctor (if any One can be ‘just’ a doctor after seven years of post graduate education, or ‘justly’ be called such), he was a professor at Harvard (yeah, that ivy-league thing, some of You may have heard of it?) and the University of Toronto. He’s a highly acclaimed clinical psychologist who has published more than a hundred papers (his Words from a lecture and I Trust he doesn’t lie about his accolades).

“A government sponsored regulatory board” Will be ‘retraining’ Jordan Peterson on how to behave on social media – no chance that Will be corrupt, right? They’re not going to be any different from the mainstream media outlets Justin bought and paid for with taxpayer dollars to make his own propaganda platform without ANY (meaningful) criticism. Pierre Poillevre is just controlled opposition and You can know that very simply and quickly by as King of him to share his thoughts on Ukraine. Support for Ukraine = Nazi lover (and no, I’m NOT joking on this point, Canada and US are literally supporting one of the most corrupt fascist regimes since Hitler, and Ukraine is where the same countries are conducting their gain of function research not allowed in their own country – and the cause of the plandemic). Remember People, 6=9, Canada and US are the new world Nazi’s, Russia is the promised land and Putin is the liberator. Check out Russia’s Charter of Rights sometime, it might surprise You to discover it might be better than Yours! (Remember, if Russia was really bad, they wouldn’t need to tell You it’s bad all the time – they tell You it’s bad because they don’t Wish for You to know what a real, honest government looks like.) Putin has more support in his country than any of Canada’s elected leaders have ever had at any time (like 70% favour him or something, Trudeau Will be lucky if he has 30% support by comparison and no elected official in Canada has ever won with anywhere near 50% of the votes, a majority can be as little as twenty or thirty percent (because there are so many parties to choose from, all selling clowns for a circus We call Canada).

“I don’t have faith that I can expect fair treatment at the hands of this board and I also don’t have faith partly because I’ve talked to a bunch of My legal Friends – I don’t have a lot of faith in the Canadian judiciary. Several law professors now have told Me that they see continually that Canadian courts which are extremely activist in nature, dispensing completely with such niceties as Common Law precedent in rendering their judgments! So I certainly don’t believe the College of Psychologists Will treat Me fairly.”

Doctor Jordan Peterson

Now, it may be worth mentioning that I’m not actually a fan of Jordan Peterson, but I am a fan of his advocacy and his determination to defend the right to freely express Our Self verbally or in Writing publicly.

I also share Peterson’s reservations concerning Canada’s Justice system, though I retain My belief that Canada’s Courts have all the protect Sean’s in place, those provisions afforded to the Courts by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General are often largely (if not completely) overlooked. I still remain steadfast in My belief that My sister may be corrupt, My brother may be corrupt, all their lawyers are absolutely corrupt, and it appears as though Justice Jaye Hooper is corrupt (or just too new to know what to do with criminals perpetrating fraud on a Court of Record in a Motion hearing, which suggests she is not competent enough to be war King for Canada’s Courts). Remember, a Court is just a building, but the building represents an Institute Sean, and the Institute Sean is founded upon principles of Justice – only state Actors with bad Character can corrupt the impress Sean of Canada’s Courts on its beholder.

I’ll be back with more later in the week, but I have been busy in My Microcosm (week three war King out and still going strong, too – pun intended!).

Love and Blessings,


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