Volume CCLXIV: The Super Natural Easter Son Day Edition; God’s Warm Sun Returns Life to the Earth

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Easter ‘Son’ Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, I am always Honoured to have You in My House.

As I mentioned earlier this week, March is known to come, ‘in like a lion’, and go ‘out like a lamb’. April showers bring May flowers, and the darkest night Will precede the Golden Dawn. When Man’s Macrocosm seems as crazy as it does right now, it’s important to Keep in Mind that for every Action there is always an equal and opposing react-Sean.

The Sun dies on the Cross (Horizon; Horus-Son) on December 22nd every year (also the release date for the last Matrix IV Install-Ment) for three days as the sun stops moving across the horizon. On December 25th, the Sun ‘rises again’ as the days begin to get longer, Life returns to the Earth, and the sun begins moving on the horizon again.

So although there are many metaphors between Christ and God’s Sun in the sky, God’s Sun technically ‘rises again’ every Christ Mass consciousness day, not on Easter ‘Sun’ Day. To many, Easter is the most important Holy Day of the year, even more so than Christmas. At the same time, it’s obvious that these celestial events are not coincidentally linked to the Story of Christ, so why make Easter in April? Why not have the last supper be the 22nd of December, with Christ returning from the dead/rising from the Cross on the 25th in harmony with God’s Sun in the sky?

Instead, We celebrate what We call ‘the birth’ of Christ on December 25th, which is symbolic of the ‘birth’ of the Sun beginning it’s journey across the horizon and bringing in a new year. Easter is more about Christ overcoming death altogether, symbolic of the days now being longer than the night. A Star (the Sun of God) is born on Christ Mass, but God’s Sun doesn’t fully step into his power until the spring.

We know I don’t believe in coincidences and My most recent Motion hearing was on the fifth of April, which happens to be My favourite number. I also can’t really put My finger on what it is in My Microcosm that feels different since the Motion but I feel like Magic is happening – and My Words do Magically Manifest. The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, so that means that Magic is happening in Man’s Macrocosm, too. One of the first videos I came across after taking something of a hiatus from mainstream due to distract-Sean’s in My Microcosm, was this one tall King about how the Ukraine war may be over?! Well, that Will be a Good start.

Again, I really can’t say what it is about My Microcosm that feels so different, but it’s tangible and My intuition tells Me it Will be reflected in Man’s Macrocosm in a big Way. I feel like there is a tidal wave of consciousness washing over Man’s Macrocosm, so the Easter Holy Day seems perfectly timed.

To simplify the symbolism of the Easter Holy Day as much as possible without trying to detract from the Holistic Magic of it in any Way, would be to say that it represents light overcoming darkness, Good overcoming evil, and Justice overcoming the corrupt Sean that ‘just is’.

I Will also remind My audience that My ability to Write is somewhat reduced at the moment for reasons beyond My control, but there are a lot of Good things coming forward in Man’s Macrocosm and I’m looking forward to tall King about them with You in more detail as soon as I am able. Europe has now automated payments to those injured by the vaccines because the number of payouts are so numerous, they needed to automate the process to handle the volume of complaints. This is Good News because it establishes precedence for other countries and lawyers looking to get around the immunity from prosecution vaccine companies received. Apparently, malicious intent and fraud can also void immunity from prosecution, but I’ll have more on that later.

For now, I just Wish to encourage every One to stay the course and be cautiously optimistic that Justice for the woke mobsters of the world social posturing with toxic ideologies destructive to social and family values is coming with a Vengeance!!!

Love, Blessings, and Happy Easter Sun Day!!!


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