Volume CCLXVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Canada’s Clown Courts and the Woke Mind Virus Pandemic

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure and Honour to have You in My House. I have a Truly Fabulous Friday for You today with lots of inform a Sean regarding Canada’s Clown Courts under Circus ring Master David LAME-tti. Let’s face it, he replaced what may well have been Canada’s last Honourable member of parliament, the Right Honourable Jody-Wilson Raybould, and treasonous Trudeau would not replace her with some One he did not know in advance would be okay with Justin interfering with Canada’s justice system – in fact, that was the point! Trudeau needed an ally to perpetrate his treason against Canada’s People without a Minister of Justice and Attorney General crashing Trudeau’s treasonous party.

Yeah, it’s Friday and I’ve been away for almost two weeks mostly because I would LOVE to Give You some Good News about Canada’s Crown Courts, but the only courts Canada has under the Trudeau government are clown courts directed by ring master David ‘the Lame’ Lametti. Why is he lame? Well he must be lame if he’s failing to take any action after learning that Court registrar’s under his watch are conspiring with lawyers to exclude party’s from the judicial process in violation of the Rule of Law, the Rules of Civil Procedure, and in breach of their Oath to the Crown. Clearly, these People have no Honour, but I do have the proof to share with You today.

Here’s My final Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability served upon David Lametti, Canada’s ‘Acting’ Minister of Justice and Attorney General, though he Will NOT be winning any academy awards for his poor performance on the world stage.

So that’s exciting because I can now say that I have officially exhausted every option and reached the highest level of authority Canada has to offer, and no One has a Word to say to Me!? It is worse than a bad joke, this is ridiculous and shameful. Remember, the Courts KNOW I publish every single email, David Lametti is a fraud and entirely incompetent, shamelessly flaunting his contempt for the Courts and Crown he allegedly represents. My guess is that his Actions DO NOT reflect those of the Crown and His Majesty, King Charles III, but on June 7th, I Will officially have the opportunity to find out!!! Yes, the next Claim I make Will be served directly upon the (True) Acting Crown, King Charles III in right of Ontario. I Will have a chance to be as King of him directly if David ‘the Lame’ Lametti’s Actions are an accurate reflect-Sean of Canada’s ‘Crown’ Courts. My guess is that his Majesty Will not be impressed to find out this type of conduct is acceptable to Canada’s Minster of Justice and Attorney General. This should be sufficient evidence that he is unfit to continue in his position of office, he is officially a traitor to Canada’s People.

But that’s not all!!! Carrie Thompson, supervisor (or maybe even manager, not sure exactly except that she is Michelle Murphy’s immediate authority) of the Bracebridge Superior Court, has failed to provide any explanation or reply whatsoever to explain why a Registrar of the Court (Michelle Murphy) was colluding with My sister’s lawyer to exclude Me from the proceedings by lying to Me about the status of the application! You can read My letters to that Court here…

I mean, seriously – how weird is it that she doesn’t even respond? These are absolutely astounding levels of corruption, and goes to show You why Canada is becoming the world’s most dangerous dictatorship with Trudeau at the helm.

I also received some ‘anonymous’ emails from the Bracebridge Courthouse and have demanded to know who is sending them, and advising the Court that if they do not Sign a name to the email, they can consider it as never having been sent. Courts do not speak, People do. People who do not Wish to provide their name when holding a position of office with Canada’s Superior Court, have something to hide. They have a legal and lawful obligation to provide Me with the author’s name if I am requesting it for the purpose of litigation. We Will see how long the Court REFUSES to respond to simple Quest-Ions… I’m sure the King Will LOVE to see all of this going on, he Will begin to real eyes just how much of a joke Justin Trudeau is. It would be funny if his unlawful vaccine mandates were not in fact crimes against humanity in violation of the Nuremberg code and principles in Law regarding informed consent. Trudeau and Lametti should be sent to the most brutal prison in the world. Somewhere where they Will spend the rest of their lives as some One else’s bitch. We’ll see how Good Trudeau is at boxing when it really matters…

And just to be clear, even IF every Word they write in the email is True, there is absolutely no excuse for a Court taking more than a MONTH to reply?! That’s why they are not letting Me know who is sending this email, because the individual does not Wish to be liable – they are liable regardless and not signing Will not absolve One of accountability.

Estate taxes were due and payable into the Court June 7th and because the entire Certificate and Application is a fraud, I’m going to bet that they haven’t been paid yet – that makes for two counts of fraud now!!! We have Court fraud and now (Estate) tax fraud!!! So I am as King for a copy of the receipt of Estate taxes which are payable to the Court which issues the Certificate. There should be no reason they should not be able to produce the receipt easily, how much do You Wish to bet it doesn’t exist? Even if they don’t have the receipt, there should be no reason they would not reply to tell Me, right? Well, unless they are fully engaged in the fraud.

The Good News is, the more People who are involved in a tort claim (tortfeasors), the easier it is to get paid because One can be as King any of the tortfeasors for the full value of the Claim (and it would be up to that individual to collect from the rest of the tortfeasors, let the criminals work it out amongst their Selves).

But that’s just why I’ve been on vacation. I’m SO sick and tired of dealing with criminals and I can’t find a single agent in Canada’s government that is either competent or Honourable. Not one politician in Canada seems to know a damn thing about how the economy actually works – One would be thing King they were educated by bankers or something, it is uncanny!!!

But there are Great things going on in the world. Tucker Carlson is now independent and I am thing King that he IS the wolf the world is afraid of. I need to get alongside the wolf, that Will help to get the sheep in line.

One of the most infuriating things for Me right now, it watching People walking around with masks on believing they are doing anything other than virtue signalling. Do People have no common sense anymore? Do People know that viruses can enter the body through ANY mucus membrane? Like eyes, for example!? You need a freaking hazmat suit if One Wishes to physically protect their self from an aerosol virus, not a face diaper! The worst part about it, is that the world leaders did this intentionally so that they can easily identify those who have no ability to be thing King for their Self and Will blindly follow authority regardless how senseless it is. They start with masks and evolve to tell You that boys can be girls if that is how they perceive their Self, sex is subjective, not biologically determined at concept-Sean, and any One who disagrees is a white supremist, mysogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, nazi in the making. The world has gone mad. Elon Musk calls it the woke Mind Virus.

The woke are insane. The world is so crazy and upside down, I now find My Self agreeing with People like Ben Shapiro. Yeah, he’s actually been spot on with respect to his coverage of the woke mind virus.

I wanted to share some videos with You today regarding all the craziness going on in Man’s Macrocosm but if I do I Will not get this published in time and I’ve had a long hiatus. So I Wish to get this published but I Will share a bevy of videos with You tomorrow for the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition. I Will also share some photos of Bad Ass Buddha’s first batch of super prebiotic enhanced apple cider vinegar, AND a new product-Sean, Kombucha!!!

All of that coming tomorrow, so stay tuned and stay informed to ward off that woke Mind virus, it is a pandemic of global proportions.

Love and Blessings,


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