Volume CCI: The Super Natural Sun Day Review; Canada’s Criminal Cabal and the Two Treasonous Trudeau’s

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Super Natural Sun Day Review, thank King Your Royal Highness for being here. The Sun was shining today but the weather was as cold as Trudeau’s treasonous heart. Unfortunately for Trudeau, the cold weather wasn’t enough to stop the world’s largest #TrudeauTruckStop #FreedomConvoy in Man kind’s His Story. As many as an estimated 500,000 People found their Way to Parliament Hill today for the largest protest in Canadian His Story. And that’s just the tip of the Good News iceberg to cap off Our week.

The mainstream media in Canada Will not report on this so I’m including some Real journalism courtesy of Kim Iverson (Love her reporting). Oh, and Kim reports 50,000 trucks picking up more along the Way, I heard as many as 500,000 People are involved in the #TrudeauTruckStop which intends to remain in Ottawa until all mandates are lifted. This Will get interesting very quickly…

Speaking of ‘cap off’, it’s a Good thing for Trudeau that the guillotine is not still used in Canada, though I’m not entirely convinced it may not be enforceable internationally for crimes as horrendous as Trudeau’s treason. What makes Trudeau’s treason especially Good, is that he is obviously the descendent of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who commit the first serious Act of treason since the colonists stole Her Majesty’s ships so many years back, claiming the trade routes and resources for their Self. And citizens wonder why their default status is that of a prisoner of war? Too much information, not enough critical thing King.

So Trudeau’s father dies, other PM’s come and go, but his father put all the treasonous parts in place for his son to exploit many years later – so long as they maintain their social connections to ensure he becomes PM. With a birthday on Christmas, 1971, it is no Wonder they used the Express-Ion, ‘Sunny days, Sunny Ways’ to promote the proverbial poster boy and ‘Promised Son’ of the treasonous Trudeau senior. Now We have conspiracy to steal all of Canada’s wealth and resources from their People as Trudeau continues to spend money for his buddies at the IMF like the stuff is going out of Style… Oh, right, it is!!!

And thank God for that, ’cause Trudeau certainly has no Idea how to pay back that debt – but I do!!! That’s the Part of this glow Ball Product-Sean that makes it all so hilarious for Me – nobody else I know seems to have the slightest clue! How crazy is that? I would LOVE to be proven wrong, but I really don’t think any One else has any Idea (well, except maybe the People who read this Blog but it’s still a pretty modest audience – if I were not such a Powerful Magician, it would be relatively meaningless).

The arrival of the convoy has caused Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be relocated to a “undisclosed location.”
He looks as stupid as he speaks

“The small fringe minority of People who are on their Way to Ottawa, who, uh, uh,.. are, uh, uh, holding, uh, unacceptable views…”

Treasonous Traitor Trudeau Junior

Yeah. Do I really need to add to that quote? I just casually wondered today if ‘Just-in’ Trudeau (his brain was born yesterday) had made it to the top of the list of Canada’s worst PM’s. Yup, sure enough, We found something Just-in is Good at.

Canada’s Worst PM’s

And I do hope You Will check out the list because I did say that I’m not the only One to say that Trudeau’s father was the first PM to officially commit treason against Canada’s People by Giving away Canada’s right to print its own debt free currency by allowing the IMF to be Canada’s credit provider. Pierre Elliot Trudeau makes the list as Canada’s third worst PM, sandwiched between ‘Huck Farper’ (as he was most famously known here in Canada).

Okay, I’ll get back to the ‘Just-in’ Trudeau another day, there is too much other Good News to report from My Microcosm to get it all in today if I don’t.

First, to start off this week I had a conversation with the vice-principal of KCI Collegiate, the last high school I attended responsible for stealing a short story I Writ (and consequently responsible for My decision to drop out) in the 93/94 school year. After several ignored emails, Peter finally responded to a Notice of Civil and Criminal liability, though insisted I call him refusing to disclose any information by Way of email. However, the eventual phone conversation provided what I was as King of him for and a copy of My school transcripts are on their Way to Me!!! That one of the items on My list this month, so it felt Good to get that done.

I also followed up on that Claim this week by Issuing a Claim of Right upon My intellectual property with the Waterloo District School Board (WDSB), and You can read that email by clicking on the paragraph.

On Lucky Wednesday last week, We got Word of a Criminal Investigation that has been launched internationally against the vaccines, vaccine mandates, misinformation by Trusted medical professionals and mainstream media, crimes against humanity, treason, manslaughter, corporate manslaughter, murder… The list goes on. But You can get all the details regarding that Good News in last week’s Sunday Edition (well worth revisiting because this investigation is huge and mainstream media are doing everything they can to keep it quiet).

But the hits just keep on rolling this week!!! On Thursday We finally received an email from Noah S. Potechin in response to the Declaration of Civil and Criminal Liability awarded against him and his co-conspirator, (Laraine Burton) earlier this month. I have also prepared a response to Noah’s email that is scheduled for 7:37 tomorrow morning. I Will have the Magic of that email to share with You tomorrow as well as the result!

Finally, I also got My Hands on a copy of the Matrix IV, ‘Resurrections’ (or Resurrect-Sean’s in My case) and I am very excited to have a new Matrix De-Coded series starting for You this Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition.

Wow, okay!!! I’m under budget (Word count) and I’ve touched on all My main points today! (That’s a first in a while because there has been so much Good News this week I’ve had a hard time covering it all in a single Post).

So to Sign off this Gem-in-I today, I am going to say thank King or Queen You to all the truckers on Parliament Hill today. Generally, I don’t really support protests for reasons too complex and numerous to get into today, but I know the Power of Intention and what can happen when enough consciousness comes together motivated for a single purpose. This is all about getting the treasonous Trudeau government out of Power and as cocky and arrogant as the Man-child appears to be, I guarantee You he Will be using the underground walkway to attend Parliament if he is Man enough to face these People at all (which I highly doubt – he Will likely hide in his $90 million PM cottage that he complains about all the time as being unfit for a PM).

You know, I was just as King of God if it is wrong that I Wish to slap the Man so much and God was Good with it. So it’s officially on – if Justin Trudeau Wishes to fight Me for the Title in a bare-knuckle cage match, consider the challenge accepted. I am thing King he should be removed from Power the same Way he got in. (And I have no real professional fighting experience save defending My own Life on a few occasions and a year of karate when I was thirteen, so technically ‘just-in’ should have the advantage. At roughly 130lbs, I’m probably at least a weight class or two below ‘just-in’, too.)

What do You say, Justin? You Wish to mandate jabbing Me with Your biological weapon? I got a few jabs for You, too if You’re not too much of a coward to accept. (We know he is but let Me have My Fun!!!).

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: Okay, so I did forget a major Good News event of this past week. Josee Gautier, the Man Trusted to review complaints about federally appointed Court judges abdicated his duties to investigate the criminal Acts of Sally A. Gomery and was placed on Notice and had Default Judgment Declared against him this week for his gross incompetence and criminal malfeasant, and Breach of Public Trust. That’s also Published to My Page with the rest of the International Public Notices.

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