Volume CCLXVIII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix IV, Resurrections De-Coded, Part XVIII

Hello every One, and welcome to the Second Edition for this Terrific Two’s Day True to its name and the eighteenth Part of My Matrix IV, Resurrections De-Coded Series. As always, it is wonderful to have You, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Let’s get right back into it, Shall We?

Last week, We were just about to begin with Mr. Anderson’s Apocalypse. I mentioned last week that curtains [always] symbolize a veil in Magic. An Apocalypse is not the typical doom and gloom most People associate with the Word, it simply means the revealing of Secrets, an unveiling. The most notable previous silver screen example would be the Wizard of Oz and the Man behind the curtain, which represents Dorothy’s Apocalypse.

Here, this is Mr. Anderson’s Apocalypse. One of the main differences between Matix IV and the first Matrix film, is that in Matrix IV We get the sense that Mr. Anderson inwardly knows he’s the One despite everything in his Microcosm telling him otherwise. We get a sense that Mr. Anderson doesn’t believe the hallucinations are hallucinations at all, he believes he is stuck in the Matrix. In the first Matrix film, Mr. Anderson seemed to be trying to convince him Self that he is not the One, while in Matrix IV I get the sense that he knows he’s the One but isn’t sure if he’s ready to be the One. I know it’s a similar theme and only slightly different in perspective, yet Significant to the following Scene and the reaction of Mr. Anderson to Morpheus.

Keep in Mind, last time Mr. Anderson chose to be the One, he died!!! Easy to understand why he might be reluctant to Play that role again after feeling he already Played that Part perfectly the first time round, yet is somehow back where he started? Not very encouraging, We can understand why he might be more reluctant this time.

Just like in Man’s Microcosm,

“Set and Setting, right? It’s all about Set – and Setting.”


Because all the world’s a Stage. This also relates to Seth, the God of the underworld in Egyptian mythology who conquers Horus (Sun/Son of Osiris) every night, while Horus Wins every dawn. This is why a Good Idea ‘don’s/dawns on some One because it represents Inspire a Sean from the Sun, a ray (Ra) of hope from the Son/Sun God, presumed to be the Giver of all Life on earth. All Life begins with an Idea, that is why it is Called a concept-Ion – and Idea fueled with a Ra of hope which Gives it Life.

“After Our first encounter went so badly We though elements from Your past might help ease You into the Present. Nothing comforts anxiety like a little nostalgia.” – Morpheus

“This is footage from Your game.” – Bugs

I put elements in bold to emphasize that Characters in the Tarot are elemental in nature. Four elements provide the [Magical] Found a Sean for the entire manifest physical Universe; they are ‘Fire, Water, Air and Earth’. ‘Your game’ is in bold to emphasize the Idea that Mr. Anderson has coded an entire lifetime into what he believes to be a game he Created. He also made him Self the Star of the Show which isn’t at all egomaniacal, right?

Now, he is ‘meeting his maker’, Morpheus, who represents both God and Satan!!! Giving Mr. Anderson the Red pill is Our metaphoric Apple in the Garden of Eden and Mr. Anderson’s original sin. After taking the Red Pill offered by Satan, Mr. Anderson Will have the knowledge of God which allows him to become Neo. (Told You this film was deep!) Mr. Anderson is the false I [am] doll, the piece of paper identification Created in God’s Image (it looks a lot like the God Given Calling, only Magically Spelled in ALL CAPS).

Adam and Eve were the first false I [am] dolls Created by Satan out of Earth (earth=paper in Magic), not God!!! God Created Man, the LORD God Created the Garden of Eden after God Created Man’s kind, the Heavens and the Earth, and Gave Man dominion over all Living things. The entire world and Man’s kind already exist before the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were not the first of Man’s kind, they were the first artificial persons. A kind of Man who believe he is separate from the rest of Man’s kind. Psychologically speaking, this represents the beginning of ego, war King for Self rather than the whole product-Sean…

The LORD God is Satan in the Bible, the Son cast out of heaven to rule the underworld, which is why he is called the LORD God because as God’s [favourite] Son, he is also an Heir to God’s Kingdom (a lord is a landowner, a land lord) – problem is, Satan likes ruling the underworld and does not Wish to Honour the Rules of his Father’s House, so he has no intent to Claim his [Heavenly] Kingdom. Satan’s Kingdom is the underworld and he Will rule it for eternity because he Loves the Chaos.

“Ordo Ab Chao – Order from Chaos”

Keep in Mind that for this particular Scene, everything Morpheus says represents a message to Man’s Macrocosm from ‘the Powers that Be’ for ‘the One’ (whomever it may be).

“Time is always against Us. Et cetera, et cetera…

No One can be told what the Matrix is, blah, blah, blah…

You gotta see it to believe it.”


Again, no detail is arbitrary. Consider that the first time We saw Morpheus, he was decked out in yellow and gold, representing Man’s Mind – Mr. Anderson was convinced it was all in his head. Now I am telling You that Morpheus is also Satan offering the forbidden fruit in the proverbial garden of Eden, and here he is Suited up in Red. Red represents Authority, Fire, Spirit of God, pure Will. Here Morpheus is offering Mr. Anderson the Will and the Way.

Also Notice that the blue light representing Commercial Admiralty Law and Man’s codified fiction of Law is shining upon Morpheus, while a Ray of [pure] white light (representing Illuminate Sean) shines upon Mr. Anderson.

“Time to fly!” – Morpheus

“Wait. If this is real, if I haven’t lost My Mind – does that mean this happened? But if it did… Then We died!” – Mr. Anderson

“Obviously not. Why the machines kept You alive and why they went to such lengths to hide You – are questions We don’t have answers to.” – Bugs

“Hide Me? I’ve been at a company making a game called the Matrix. Doesn’t seem like they were trying to hide anything!”

“We’ve been checking that company for years, We screened every Thomas Anderson We found. What We didn’t understand is that they can alter Your DSI. Parts generate Your digital self image through a feedback system called semblance. This is how You look to Your Self, somehow they were able to alter Your DSI loop. This is how every One else sees You.”

Okay, that’s a perfect point to leave this week’s interpret a Sean of Matrix IV, though We Will discuss the relevance of this Image next week. For now, I Will only say that this is how Our Hero looks to every One else, and he doesn’t look like a ‘Super’ Hero, or much like any hero at all. Time for Mr. Anderson to Suit up and get into Character, no? Till next time,

Love and Blessings,


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