Volume CXCI: The Super Natural Sun Day Edition; A Wonder Full Week in Review

Hello every One and welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Good News Journal where We recap the most Magical moments of the week. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. It has been such an exceptionally eventful week that I Will be re-Viewing the highlights as quickly as possible to try to Keep this one short, sweet, and to the point.

We received a reply to My Complaint from the Canadian Judicial Council on Monday, I discussed My Plans for the Sunshine Gallery in the Tuesday Edition, and We started another Tell a Vision Product-Sean with My Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean of the Truman Show.

We didn’t lose any momentum on Lucky Wednesday, either, as We are looking for a few Good Men to hold Canada’s elected officials accountable for their crimes, and an email was sent to a local Sheriff as King for assistance. Thursday’s thing King Edition was also pretty Thrilling because I added a little Magic My Motion to add some momentum by as King of the Court to produce the requisition letter from the motions office to Sally A. Gomery to resolve the Matter once and for all. I also suggested that if no such requisition was made then perhaps We should subpoena the correspondences between the defendants and the justice to determine how it came to her attention in the first place.

On Friday We kept things Fabulous with a Free Lance Writing Edition loaded with Magic to start a short series on ‘legal verses lawful and marijuana Versus Cannabis’, and I continued with Part II of that series on Saturday.

I do have some other news for You, too, though I’m going to save it for later in the week and Keep this one short. It’s not so much that I do not Wish to share it with You, it is more that I Wish to be thing King about it My Self a little more before I begin tall King about it. And it really has been an exciting enough week already!!! That’s probably the most exciting week We’ve had in a while and it’s enough for Me to be thing King about without piling on anything else, so I’m sure the same is True for You.

Once again, thanks for being here,

Love and Blessings,

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