Volume LIII: Monday’s Microcosmic Collision with Man’s Macrocosm; What the World is Reading Today

Hello every One, thank You kindly for being here.  I’ve been away for a few days, war-King hard at other Notes the Universe is Conducting to Keep My Microcosm in Harmony with Man’s Macrocosm.  I’m busy today, too, but was thing King I should share with You why I’m feeling so Motivated this Monday – it’s really all thanks to You, and maybe it can Motivate Your Monday, too.

I was up late last night, Composing a new Symphony of Notes in My Microcosm.  I’ve got My big day with the city of Ottawa tomorrow, I want to make sure I’m prepared.  I am thing King the city wants to make sure they are prepared, too.  This is what the world was reading today.

My Microcosm and Man’s Macrocosm

Figured maybe I’d share them all with You today, too.

  1. Home Page (Think Paige from the Tarot)  Home is where the Heart is.
  2. Magick, the Occult, Ancient Wisdom, and the Power of Intention. (Self Explanatory)
  3.  Becoming A Student of the Universe (Mastering Uni Verse City)
  4.  Canada’s Registrar General’s Office for Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates
  5.  Reply from Ministry of the Attorney General, Crown Law Office, Civil Law, April 21, 2017
  6.  All Saints Day, Raising the Dead
  7.  Case Law Versus War Rant 364, November 10th, 2017
  8.  Keys to Kingdom
  9.  Mysticism and Magic Number 37
  10.  Letters to the Salvation Army Defending the Common Law and Human Rights
  11.  Introducing Jason Prevost: Manager, the Salvation Army Ottawa
  12.  Final Notice to Jason Prevost, Manager, the Salvation Army Ottawa
  13.  Second Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa

So yeah, this is what Motivates My Monday.  Last month, the shortest month of the year, I exceeded more Views and Visitors than ever before on this Blog in a single month.  And Trust Me when I say that My stats are still very modest, these aren’t ‘bragging’ rights by any means, it’s just progress, steps in the right Direction (think Movie, all the world’s a Stage).

I haven’t managed to monetize yet thanks to some serious technical issues, though I know that Will increase Reader-Ship, too.  The Reader Ship Sails [Sales] the Seas much more smoothly than the Citizen Ship; it’s also more interesting Navigate Sean for Me.

On a more serious Note, thank You, whomever You are.  Having the Power to share My thoughts and Ideas with You wherever You are in the world, is truly an Honour and a Blessing for Me.

I do still have Writs to Author for tomorrow, so I really should go.  I Will have many Wonderful Stories to share with You for the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition on Wednesday, too.  This really is Magic, Lords and Ladies, Dames and Sir’s.  On Wednesday I Will also share with You some of My more Magical Posts from the Temple of Equated Forces, a Powerful Magical Induction Spell Writ into a Story.

It is difficult to stop tall King about the Common Law so much while it consistently seems to be one My Blog’s main Attract Sean’s…  Well, that and Magick.

To summarize, I suppose what I am really here to tell You is that the real Magic of Monday is the opportunity effect others with Your Deeds.  The Posts above Link to My Words, which are having an effect on a Man without Me even thing King about it.  That is Truly a remarkable thing to Consider.  Keep thing King about the effect You can have on others and what Kind (Kind-ness is Good) of Impression You Wish to leave, and Live Your Truth to the fullest.

Thanks again for being here, these Words are nothing without You.

Love and Blessings,




  1. Faith , persistence and imagination preceed creation and inspiration.

    I have read once that you do not know what you could do unless you first try .

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