Volume CCLXIV: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Thank King You for Your Appreciate Sean – Top Ten Public a Sean’s

Hello every One, thank King or Queen You for joining Me for this Thoroughly Thank Full Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal, Your Presence is always welcome in My House. Today I was thing King about how Truly Thank Full I am for all of You, and for thirteen years of Publishing on WordPress. Like Mr. Anderson in the Matrix, this is where I hack into Man’s Macrocosm, infecting the Operating system with a new Program for Man kind’s Mind – Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean. That’s why it’s always so Wonder Full for Me to be in Your House.

Is that a Good start to Show My Appreciate Sean? Today’s feature photo Gives a Visual Present a Sean of the year’s most read Blog Posts, as well as a relative comparison to the year’s most read Post.

Of course, I am most Thank Full for My Story topping the list!!! So I figured today was the perfect day to Show My Appreciate Sean for Your Interest by sharing My top ten Posts of the year and My top ten Posts of all time. I’m more Grateful than I would Imagine most Will be able to appreciate unless One also Author’s an online publication of some kind, but really – thank You all so much. For Me, these lists are the Voice of God, the Jury of My Peers, the People of the world.

The other reason I chose to share these top ten lists with You today is because it directly relates to My Matrix Interpret a Sean’s and in particular the Theme I was tall King about in Our last Tell a Vision Edition.

“Did You base the main Character on Your Self?”

Tiffany to Mr. Anderson, Matrix IV, Resurrections

The most Interesting thing about that, is that ‘My Story‘ was the default Title for a Page feature in one of the Themes I was using to Publish at the time. It felt like an Invite a Sean for My Cestui Que Vie because I did know the Value of that document. I told My brother sitting across a table in the Woolwich Arms pub in Guelph Ontario that My Cestui Que Vie is the most Valuable document in the world. Best Part about that, is that very few People Will understand it enough to know its Value. Her Majesty and the Pope Will, so I Gifted each of them with one; Her Majesty (may she rest in Peace) for Her House, and the Pope for the world’s People. Neither responded to Me, but this was the return address (if I remember correctly) on the Envelope.

King Sean, House von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

United Kingdom of God

I’ve told these things to a couple of People in My Microcosm from time to time and they are always as King if I received a reply to My Letters. When I tell them ‘no’, I don’t bother to tell them why I wasn’t expecting One, but I am thing King it is safe to say that I wasn’t. The only thing I’m not one hundred percent sure about is whether or not I just put ‘Kingdom of God’, or ‘United Kingdom of God. That’s a Secret I don’t share with a lot of People, either but that’s what United Kingdom actually means. ‘Of God’ is always between invisible square brackets behind United Kingdom [of God]. It’s never Writ, but it’s always there in the Mind of Mystics and that’s the Kingdom the Crown has Sworn to God to Protect – the United Kingdom is the Sovereign, the Holy Trinity of Man; Mind, Body and Soul. The Queen and the Pope are quite literally the mom and dad of Man’s Macrocosm for a world in its Spiritual infancy. The Good News as far as all of that is concerned, is that Man’s kind is growing up, that’s what all this global reset stuff is all about, We’re on the brink of Spiritual maturity. All the craziness going on in the Macrocosm right now is to evolve Our thing King.

What I’m sharing with You today is Truly flattering for Me and that’s why I’m so Great Full. The entire top ten list both for this year and for all time are very meaningful for Me on a deeply personal level because it was once My Dream to have the audience I do now – to even have a top ten list worthy of mention!

Keep in Mind, before Authoring My Cestui Que Vie, I was grateful to have one visitor to My blog, and that would be on a day I Publish something. Five years ago I was still dreaming of having at least one visitor a day, now it’s hard for Me to Imagine. I could Write nothing for a week, or maybe even a month and I Will still have daily traffic. I can’t tell You how Thank Full I am for that.

Here are links to this year’s top ten Posts so far this year, the topics the People of the world are most interested in reading about.

Top Ten Posts and Pages Year to Date:

  1. Home: Domain, Do-Main, Main thing I’m Doing – Deeds
  2. My Story
  3. Fortune Favours the Brave (Fortuna Fortis Adiuvat)
  4. What We Dwell on is Who We Become
  5. Becoming a Student of the Universe
  6. The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Verses Tanja Johnson, Hala Tabl and Michael von Dehn
  7. International Public Notices
  8. House von Dehn Family Manor Roll
  9. Finding One’s Place in the Stars: Meet Gemini
  10. The Law Society of Ontario – Conversations With Carmen Pignataro

Yes, One can see why this might Please Me very much to see a few of the most important things to Me being as important to all of You. You are My Jury of Peers. And really, without You, all of this would mean nothing. My Family Manor Roll makes the top ten!!! That’s very flattering for Me, as is the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Trust Claim making number six, especially considering how late it joined the race! The top five above it were Published prior to this year and had eight more months worth of data, so… Not really a fair comparison, so it’s doing well considering.

And these are the Top Ten Blog Posts of all time. Thirteen years of Writing this Blog and counting.

Top Ten Posts and Pages of All Time:

  1. Home: Domain, Do-Main, Main thing I’m Doing – Deeds
  2. Fortune Favours the Brave
  3. Becoming a Student of the Universe
  4. My Story
  5. What We Dwell on is Who We Become
  6. Magick, the Occult, Ancient Wisdom, and the Power of Intent, Sean
  7. The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) and the Hidden Treasure
  8. vonDehnVision
  9. Lord Sean, House von Dehn Verses the City of Ottawa and the Salvation Army
  10. Free Lance Friday: V for von Dehn, Venting, and Van Buskirk’s Vendetta

Number ten on that list is from Our Tarot read which I Will revisit in the near future for Re-View.

Finally, One of the most humbling and flattering things of all, is that My Story is also the number One search result in Google for ‘Sean von Dehn’. Actually, right now it’s number two, second only to the Ottawa Citizen’s first Official Announcement of My Proper Lawful Title on the Public Record. ‘Sean, House von Dehn’ = ‘[King/Lord] Sean, House von Dehn’. It’s an Official Announcement in the local [Good] Newspaper to the People of Ottawa.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal to some People, but for My Story to rank number two behind a Post Media Publication that is one of Ottawa’s main newspapers, ‘The Sun’ being the other main competitor or opposition publication (I won’t even get into how the opposition is an Illusion), One must consider how much they spend to rank high in Google, and how many visitors they Will get to rank number one. My Story is just behind, but before Instragram, LindedIn, Facebook – in fact, even My Podcast ranks higher than Facebook!

Long Story short, that’s all ‘the Powers that Be’. I have no Idea who they are, either – I just know some One is helping Me tell more People of the world My Story, and it all started with My Cestui Que Vie. (Side Note: Reminder to Write Elon Musk as King if He Will restore My Twitter account.)

When I was a child, I had a Dream that I would one day communicate with everyone in the world, and I Imagined something like Star Trek with Screens We would be tall King into and every One in the world could hear. Keep in Mind, cell phones hadn’t been invented yet, and the best video game was Pong.

In My teens I took the first computer course introduced to Our school and every One thought I was just taking it for an easy credit. At that point I was already Imagining I might become My own independent Journalist with My own Publication.

The Mysterious Fog did take over for a time, but only long enough for everything I would need to do what I’m doing now to be sufficiently practical. Computers were Way too slow in the beginning, and People would get excited about download speeds of 28kb per second! Kilobytes, People!!! It would probably take over a year to download a 4K movie at that speed.

I’m thankful for a Lucky Thirteen years Publishing, and I’m Especially Thank Full for having You all as an audience for Public Accountability. I’ve exposed some serious corrupt Sean in Canada’s Courts, and You are all helping Me to Hold them accountable.

“All the world’s a Stage…”

Will I Am Shake Spear

And State Actors are front and Center.

Prince of Disks; Prince of Wands, 2 of Cups, Love

Thanks again to every One for Thirteen Fab You/Us years!!!

Love and Blessings,

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